Why Isn’t The Law of Attraction Working For You?


You need a 7 Day BrainwashWhy Isn’t The Law of Attraction Working For You?

The law of attraction definitely works- it is a proven system for manifesting whatever you want into your life. The basic principles are to simply state your goals or desires (intentions), focus on them with feeling, believe that they are on their way to you and be open to receiving them. It sounds very simple- and it is. However, a lot of people are struggling with this. We are simply not used to achieving our goals this way. Using our thoughts to manifest our desires, rather than our actions, is a whole new concept for us.

When you also consider that nearly all of us are exposed to negative conditioning throughout our lives it is no wonder that so many people are finding it difficult to use the law of attraction successfully. It can be so discouraging that they may even be tempted to give up altogether, which would be a great shame because the law of attraction can benefit so many people in so many ways.

I have explored six of the main reasons why people are not achieving results using the law of attraction, and how they may actually be sabotaging their own chances of success.

Reason number 1; They Expect Instant Results.

Many people using the law of attraction for the first time make the mistake of expecting instant results. They want to attract a new car, or some money, or whatever, and expect it to materialize right now please! Then when there isn’t any sign that their object of desire is on its way they become discouraged and start to doubt the process. They become demoralized and may even stop trying.

The problem with this is that when you become discouraged and start to doubt, you start sending out negative energy signals to the universe. As the law of attraction states that you will always manifest what you focus on with feeling, you will be bringing in more opportunities for doubt into your life- meaning that your stated intentions won’t materialize!

The law of attraction works in its own good time and you just need to trust that it will deliver. There may be a very good reason for the delay- something which will suit your needs even better may be waiting just around the corner. Keep visualizing yourself receiving your desires, and get rid of those feelings of doubt and uncertainty. Regularly tell yourself that the law of attraction works beyond doubt and you are definitely manifesting your intentions. Have complete belief that they are on their way to you.

If you are finding this difficult, make a gratitude list’. Write down everything you have in your life for which you are grateful. You may not think you have much at first, but put down anything you can think of, from a loving family to a comfy house- even the ability to read this. This exercise is particularly powerful if you do this every night. Read your list, feel gratitude and release this feeling to the universe. You will soon receive more reasons to feel grateful and you will overcome those feelings of discouragement and resentfulness.

Reason Number 2; They Don’t Expect to Have to Work

Some people think that all they have to do is to write down the things they want to manifest into their lives, read it every day and sit back and wait for the things they desire to be delivered into their lap, like a giant cosmic catalog.

Unfortunately the law of attraction does not work like this. It doesn’t just deliver your intentions to you like magic- there needs to be a certain amount of effort on your part. You do have to work for your goals.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The law of attraction works by prompting you to take inspired action’. This means that you will get a hunch to go somewhere you have never been before, make a telephone call, or frequent a shop you don’t usually go in. You will discover that this action actually takes you towards your goal, for example you may be inspired to go into a book store and find a book that will help you to make more money, or you may be prompted to make a telephone call to an old friend who then tells you that a friend of his is looking to hire someone in the field you want to work in.

If your goal is to make more money, you may be inspired to set up a business, or make a change to your existing one which brings in extra revenue. You may automatically undertake certain actions within your job which single you out for promotion. Sometimes we need the help of certain people to achieve our goals; using the law of attraction will automatically draw these people into your life. You will find that you are increasingly in the right place at the right time’.

As well as taking inspired action, you will feel much more motivated and will find it easy to work towards your goal. You will feel much more energized. If you do get a hunch’, make sure you act on it and be guided by any inner voice’ you experience. Once you are open to receiving this divine instruction’ you will find it becomes easier and easier to receive it.

Reason Number 3; Their Intentions Are Focused On Lack

This is a common mistake for those new to using the law of attraction. They have decided on a goal- something they want to manifest in their life- stated it as an intention and made a start on reading and visualizing it; without realizing that they haven’t a hope of attaining it as they have not worded the intention in the right way.

Many people write goals such as I want to be debt free’ or I want to lose weight’. This is wrong, as it brings your focus squarely on the thing you want to get rid of. The universe focuses on the debt’ in the first statement and will deliver what it thinks you want- more of the debt! In the second statement, the emphasis is purely on the fact that you need to lose weight, so the universe will deliver more of what it thinks you want- namely wanting to lose weight so your weight will increase!

To successfully use The law of attraction, all intentions and desires must be stated as a positive; for example I have $1,000,000 in the bank’ is so much better than writing I want to be a millionaire’. In the first statement, the focus is on $1,000,000 in the bank’, which is what the universe thinks- quite rightly- that you want. In the second statement, the focus is on want to be a millionaire’, so the universe thinks you want more of wanting to be a millionaire’ and this is what it will deliver- more want and less money. Do you see the difference?

This is so important that you need to be very careful how you state your intentions. The law of attraction becomes much more powerful if you state your intention as though it has already happened or you already have it. If you are sick and want to recover, don’t write I want to be well’ as this will place the focus on the fact that you aren’t well, and all you will manifest is more of not being well. State I am in perfect health’ and you are much more likely to manifest perfect health’. Want to lose weight? State your intention as I weight 150lbs (or whatever your ideal weight is) and feel great!’

It is also important that you don’t focus on the fact that you don’t yet have your intention. This may seem obvious, but if you are trying to manifest a new car for example, every time you read the intention or try to visualize driving and owning your new car, you will be painfully aware that you don’t have it yet. This may cause you to feel frustrated and discouraged and so your energies will be focused on the fact that you don’t have your car- the lack of having it. Of course, if you are not careful, this will bring in what you are focusing your energies on- more of the lack of new car!

Imagine walking down the street and seeing someone drive past in the car of your dreams. How does this make you feel? I’ll bet you feel envy and a surge of frustration because you would love to own that car but can’t imagine it ever happening.

Now, imagine that you have just placed an order for your dream car, and it is to be delivered to you in three days time. You are walking down the street and someone drives past in the exact same model. How do you feel now? Chances are you feel great- seeing the car reminds you that yours is on its way and makes you think of the fun you are going to have with it. You will probably have a great big grin on your face and may even give the driver a little wave! Imagine the positive vibes you are giving off now!

The trick is to find the feeling place of having achieved your goal or attained your intention already, and send this feeling out to the universe- it is this highly charged feel-good thought energy that holds the real power to manifesting your desires in life.

Reason Number 4; They Believe That Just Reading Their Intentions Is Enough

Another mistaken impression that the law of attraction can give people is that all they need do is write down their intentions, read them every day and their intentions will manifest. I’m afraid that the law of attraction demands more than this. It’s not enough to just read out your intentions and forget them. The law of attraction works by sending out vibrational energy to the universe. This energy is manifested by our feelings, and it is this which attracts our desires into our lives.

Put simply, the more positive you feel about your intention, the mor

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