Why Jesus died


The brilliant crimson blessed blood of Jesus Christ flowed freely that day at Calvary. By doing so, it dealt with the sin of humanity once and for all.

Was that amount of sacrifice, and that amount of suffering was worth it or not? It’s worth becomes apparent when the resulting benefits are carefully examined. The consequences are the answer to a life or death question. Does man live in the light or die in the darkness?

By willingly sacrificing his life and allowing his blood to stain the soil, Jesus gave it all. He delivered the only hope for humanity to find salvation from the death of sin.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth and lived a life free of sin.

His purpose culminated with his death and the shedding of his blood. His father sent him for this purpose. His obedience to His Father is an example. Those who now follow him know how they are to live. Everything Jesus did leading up to his ultimate act of love serves to demonstrate the life plan he had for the man. Jesus shed his blood so man’s past, present, and future sin could be forgiven. All they have to do is ask.

Believing and accepting this truth produces life-changing transformations that can never be reversed. Jesus died for humanity and, by doing so, conquered the evil that rules this world. When Jesus shed his blood, he established a new covenant through which men would again be able to pursue direct relationships with God. Through his death, Jesus established himself as the head of the church. Those who believe and follow him constitute the body of that church. They are cleansed of sin and inherit the kingdom of God. They can find peace and joy in the knowledge that they are children of God. They have been saved from eternal death.

Jesus proves unconditional love through his sacrifice.

Because Jesus is capable of that depth of love, any sacrifice he could make would be worth it to him. He atoned man’s sin with his blood. This allows him to dwell in those who accept him, and they can live in him. He justifies them, and he redeems them.

Love is the reason it was all worth it.

Jesus lived a life centered around love. A life through which he exemplified how love is the core of being. Self-sacrifice returns far more than it costs. Jesus put in place a means by which all men can be saved. Jesus was obedient to his Father. He completed the task he was sent to do. Those who believe and follow his example have been commissioned to continue that work.

Eternal redemption and salvation have come at a price. No human will ever truly fathom. Cleansing the helpless and the seemingly hopeless with his blood does seem like a lot to do through grace. But because it was done out of love, it becomes utterly necessary and fully understandable and without a doubt worth it.


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