You don’t always have to be right


You need a 7 Day Brainwash“What would our world be like if we ceased to worry about “right” and “wrong”, or “good” and “evil”, and simply acted so as to maximize well being, our own and that of others? Would we lose anything important?” — Sam Harris

We can waste so much of our time and energy consumed with proving ourselves right and proving others wrong. Pushing against, trying to force “our way” into place.

While this may feel like the “just” thing to do, it can also cause a tremendous amount of stress and negative energy in our lives.

Imagine for a moment if you were to completely let go of your need to be “right” or to prove your point of view. Instead, you just accepted that everyone is different and that you can relax with confidence that you know in your heart what the truth really is.

If you got to this level, would you ever really care about right/wrong, good/evil, etc…?

Use today to practice just letting go and being comfortable with your own truth and keeping that truth to yourself. You will eliminate all conflict and allow yourself to experience pure positivity.

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