The Theories of Buddhism and Evolution

There is causality in evolution, that causality is recognized in Buddhism. The evolution itself cannot become a theory, as it is not of a law in and of itself, the only law is of casual dependence, only the law itself can be the theory. Whatever theory one ascribed to evolution will always be limited by … Read more

On Believing in Karma

I am a believer of Karmic Law. It probably can not be proven scientifically but I’ve seen it working and experience it on a daily basis. Carmen Harra explains it best in her book, “Everyday Karma“. She explains that Karma is like memory. All our thoughts and actions create memory like data in a computer. … Read more

Friendship According to Buddhist Concept

Friendship is a pretty interesting subject in Buddhism. In Buddhism, you can be friends with anybody. However, you’re supposed to choose your friends wisely. Good friends are friends that are there for you and don’t give you any negative vibes. You’re supposed to look at people from within instead of how they look from the … Read more

An Introduction to Buddhist Marriage Rites

As with Buddhist funeral rites, Buddhist marriage rites are an interesting thing themselves as they’re mainly secular affairs. There’s no universal marriage rite in Buddhism. When Buddha was married, there was no “Buddhist” funeral rite. He wasn’t even Buddha yet when he was married. Before that, he was known as Prince Siddharta Gautama. An Indian … Read more

Buddhism’s Auspicious Symbols

Representative of the rich tradition of symbolism in Buddhism, the eight auspicious symbols depict gifts from the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha at the time he attained enlightenment. Said to be the most popular group of Buddhist symbols the eight auspicious symbols of “good fortune” each possess unique qualities in color and form. The eight auspicious … Read more

Is there room for friends in Buddhism?

The more we learn about Buddhism the more it seems like practical advice we’ve been given all our lives. We have learned the principles but call them by different names. The views Buddha offers on the importance and meaning of friendship is much the same as any mother would tell a child. We see some … Read more