The Belief in the Oneness of Man in Buddhism


Is the Universal Consciousness infinite or really only ever a oneness?

Is man himself part of oneness, or is he oneness itself? And how can anything be a part of oneness? Can oneness have parts and maybe even an infinite number of parts? So does oneness exist? Does infinity exist? Are we one with an infinite God? Where is there truth between the paradox of oneness being contained within the infinite?

I will try to shed my own light on some of these ideas in this article and will begin with this supposed quote from Lao Tsu, or is it Lao Tse, or Lao Tzu or even Lao Tseu. Was Lao Tsu himself one person or an infinite number of people or sources of wisdom? And who really knows for sure? His ideas share a oneness in such an infinite way to us all.

“Use the light that is in you to recover your own natural clearness of sight. Light your own way and you never need the light of another. For another’s light can never shed light on your own path, but at the same time, their light is only ever a part of your light. For all is one light only. So light your own way, but realize this light is a part of greater light. Lighten your own darkness to see there is no darkness, but that all is only light. One light forever shining in the darkness.” (Lao-Tzu)

I was thinking today about rebelling, resisting and fighting life or maybe it’s only ever really fighting our own souls’ direction. Why do I always want to put up resistance and test any direction that anything seems to push me into or to rebel against it? I don’t like being told what to do, to be ordered, or coerced, or persuaded into what is right for me to do. Is it because of my upbringing then, when my father really tried to influence me, and tell me what I must do and what not to do in my life? He tried to direct me and of course, he thought he was helping me.

What are the spiritual connections here and how can I learn to not internally clash and fight with myself or with authority or with the guidance or direction I always am receiving. And when I also know that it all sounds so correct and feels such a part of my own truth and it is probably right for me to follow. I still rebel and resist in infinite ways the oneness coming towards me.

Outwardly I always go along peacefully not making waves, and not resisting, or even defending myself, or my point of view, but inwardly I violently oppose myself and will not follow my own guidance. I rebel against any part of me wanting to lead another part and want the freedom always to be able to follow any part at any time and whenever I want to. I want the possibility always of infinity to be around me and never to be restricted by a oneness or single-minded or fixed one-sided idea or opinion, ever. I want to feel the freedom of infinite possibilities being open and available to me always. I just have to begin to see that the infinite only ever arises from the oneness.

Oneness in the infinite and the infinity of oneness.

And of course, these questions and feelings are all related to my search to find and to understand the oneness in the infinite and the infinity of oneness.

I have heard it said that there are no screens, no partitions or no ceilings between us and God. Only that which we put in place ourselves. So there is never any bar or wall or even a mountain to climb over or under or even to squeeze between, between our self or our soul and God. Where does soul cease and where does God begin? Which is the cause and which is the effect? Or is it all cause? Because it is all one. There is only oneness after all and when we see this oneness we become God by recognizing him in us.

But is all knowledge and idea about oneness really the whole truth?

What really is oneness and who are we in this oneness?

And really I have answered my own question here. As if there was only oneness I would never resist anything. Simply because it is all working as one. Even the Bible says the Kingdom of God is not divided, and if it was, it would collapse, because of internal fighting amongst and within itself.

The verse is from Mark’s gospel. Mark 3:24 and goes like this: “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.”

Therefore all resistance and all rebellion would and could only ever be an illusion. And this is because oneness could never be divided or separated and it always works perfectly together as oneness. Rebellion, resistance, and fighting amongst its parts is all illusionary only and never exist in this oneness, which is always perfectly forever working and going forward as one body with one purpose and one direction for itself.

The paradox here is this oneness is also an infinite oneness so that the one direction is really an infinity of directions, all happening within the one oneness, and so the purpose and goals are really infinite purposes and goals, within the one purpose and one overall goal. The infinite parts have infinite freedom to pursue their infinite possibilities and individual paths and directions all within this oneness.

The resisting, clashing and fighting that I experience then, is no more than oneness fighting infinity.

Do you know what this means? Oneness, of course, has no freedom. Infinity has absolute infinite freedom.

Oneness is complete and finished. Infinity is uncomplete and unfinished and forever unfinished and forever uncomplete and expands forever to infinity. This is a fine point here and infinity as such is not incomplete being always complete in its own oneness, only uncomplete as it can continue to grow and expand to a greater infinity within this oneness.

So where does the answer lie between these two extremes? It comes to a balance or an imbalance in yourself and in your soul. You feel the oneness and you see the infinity. You are stretched between the two in such a way that they are hard to reconcile.

And you know and feel that they can never be reconciled, as they are an infinite distance apart.

So what is the answer?

The answer is love.

Love is at the same time, only one love, but also an infinite love as well at this one and the same time. Love connects you to itself and to oneness. This oneness is you on the one side and God or infinity and all else on the other side. God or infinity or all else is just another type of oneness. So love connects itself to itself. But it travels an infinite path and has an infinity of ways to do this. And it will always find a way to do this. Like water finding always a path from the mountain to the sea. Love will always find a path from God back to thee.

The answer then is to love. Never resist or rebel or fight anything. Just love whatever the infinity of love, (God)brings to the oneness of love, (You or Soul) to experience and so learn the infinite possibilities love will always give you when you free yourself from thinking you are only one and all is oneness.

It is, but on the other hand, it isn’t. God has more than one hand and so do we. But his hands are connected to one body and so are ours. Infinity in the one. One in the infinity.

Infinity and oneness are only ever different sides of the same coin.

So if we can learn to embrace this fact and so allow love to repay us and to repay us again and again with the golden coins of life we can begin to see the infinite possibilities love brings us with its one golden message. This is of course as we have all been told through the ages and know already intimately.

“To love and to love one another as love (or God) has loved you.”

This is indeed the golden message or rule and only gold because of love which is forever spinning the coins on their edges so that you can see both sides of itself at once. It’s oneness and its infinite natures.

Love repays you with itself simply means that love will return itself to you in an infinite way but only when you pay your own way and give out some love first from yourself. Love, to be loved. You get what you give. But love never pays as such, it more rewards or really it smothers and covers and completes itself in you. The infinite finds itself in the oneness of you and expands back out to itself in an infinite way. This is repaying and paying itself abundantly, infinitely all from the one oneness of love. Hence the saying “the cup is full and running over” and “to them that is given, more shall be given but to them who never gives, all will be taken away” And this is only because he never had it for it to be taken away. Oneness is nothing if you don’t allow it to connect to infiniteness. The oneness sits with itself and even begins to lose its very oneness as the above quote infers. No, you have to connect to love for your oneness to expand to infinity before you can see again the oneness of love in the infinity of that love.

So for me, I need to just stop rebelling and just love whatever it is I am doing right now. We all need to forget about what we are not doing. Just love, and love best where you are, and who you are, and who you are with, and love whatever you are doing now. And then, and then to just love yourself a little bit more, to connect it all together with love.

And really there is no oneness to love but an infinity to love, but it only starts by loving the oneness in you or yourself so to expand it and to see that the oneness connects and forever expands to infinity. And oneness and infinity together just love.

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