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I have been a Buddhist for about 5 years now, and I am an activist to free the people of Tibet who have been tortured by the Chinese since 1950. Every day I check my email to find that there are more Tibetans disappearing or being tortured or detained and arrested while peacefully protesting. Go to any Tibetan website and you can view the horrifying pictures of what the Chinese militia are being ordered to do to these peaceful people. When will this stop? The senseless beatings and degradation of the holiest monks and nuns continue daily, monasteries are torn down and it’s inhabitants imprisoned.

Freedom from hatred and torture

When our Panchen Lama (the 2nd highest-ranking Lama) was chosen in 1995 by our current Dalai Lama, the Chinese government did not agree as they wanted to choose their own. So they took him into custody and he has been missing since. No word has been heard about him since his (and his families) disappearance.

I pray for these people and their leader H.H. The Dalai Lama daily, in hopes that someday soon if enough people join the good fight and stand behind this country and their people, that they will be free. Free of hatred and torture. Why would anyone want to take such gentle people and destroy their homes and places of worship? It would be the equivalent of sending a wrecking ball through the Vatican. Would the world stand for that? I think not.

So why not help others even if they are different and live far away. I must sign at least 7 petitions every couple of weeks, and I send numerous letters to not only our leaders but other countries’ leaders too. Trust me it WILL make a difference! One man may not make a difference…but many men will surely make changes.


In conclusion, I ask everyone, no matter what religious beliefs you may hold, to pray for these people or if prayer is not something you do, then please at least think a good thought for them, that one day they will be free as we are. To have the rights we have for speech and religious beliefs without persecution. If we all send just one person to the following websites to help them realize what is going on in Tibet and that one person wants to help by simply signing a petition or letter, and that person gets someone else on board…imagine what could happen. Also visit for additional info. Please visit these sites and learn what I have been fighting for over the last 5 years. I am very passionate about this and I thank you for allowing me to write about it and taking the time to read this. Every little bit helps, letters, prayers, good thoughts and spreading the word.

Please help in the fight to FREE TIBET.


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