Soka Gakkai International Young Womens Division


Soka Gakkai International (SGI) is a lay Buddhist organization based on the principals of Nichiren Buddhism.  SGI is a global organization with over 12 million practitioners in 192 countries around the globe.  The Young Women’s Division of the SGI was founded by second Soka Gakkai, President Josei Toda. Young women with ages ranging from 13-34, partner with one another to create value in the world and to develop unshakable happiness for themselves and others.

Daisaku Ikeda currently presides as the third founding president of this organization.  President Ikeda believes that the future of our world lies in the hands of the youth and he goes to great lengths to encourage and support all Youth Division members. This organization strives to foster the growth of tomorrow’s future today, by nurturing every youth division member. The Young Women’s Division provides support to the organization in front and behind the scenes.

The very foundation of this Buddhism relies on taking action.

Participating in district activities, providing member support to those in need, and working with other divisions to continue the growth of the organization, are among the many contributions from the Young Women’s Division.

SGI’s Young Women’s Division has vowed to continue to pursue their own personal “Human Revolution,” to have faith, to practice each and every day, and to study.  Even more than that they have vowed to never be defeated, demonstrate courage in the face of adversity, and to win over any and all obstacles.  The Buddhist concept “many in body, one in mind” perpetuates that although like-minded individuals may be numerous, they can work together and achieve great results.  This spirit of unity is fundamental to the SGI and to the Young Women’s Division members.

The harmony of life is said to be found in chanting Namyo-ho-renge-kyo. Every person has the ability to bring out his/her inner Buddha.  Your family history, nationality, wealth, or status is of no matter. It is believed that we each innately have unlimited potential and can achieve that potential in this lifetime. Buddhism is a practice, not a religion.  It means striving every day to improve one’s self and to have compassion for others. It means believing in the impossible and making it possible.  It means making determinations and seeing them through. Buddhism is a way of life. The Young Women’s Division embodies the spirit of the Buddha.

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