What is Meant by Misotheism and how does it Differ from Theism Atheism and Agnosticism


Misotheism literally put means “Hatred of God” and does not represent a lack of belief but rather disdain for God. Misotheism mirrors Christianity and Islam in its belief that there is a God and that God plays a part in all life from both the past, present and future but that God is perhaps evil or has bad intent planned for mankind. It can also be concluded from a misotheist viewpoint that demons are quite possibly gods themselves, but in the strictest sense it means to turn one’s back on a God that they do in fact believe in.

The Hate for God and worship – Misotheism

In many cases, misotheism is adopted by people who have a hate for God and worship, and part of its original meaning was to punish God by ceasing to worship him. Many people throughout history who have adopted this faith have had terrible events happen to them during their lives which cause them to turn their back on God, but their belief is still strong.

Misotheism differs from strict theism in the fact that the God which is already believed in is cited to be evil and therefore unworthy of worship. In theism there is a general belief in at least one God but indications as to whether it should be worshipped or turned from are left unaddressed. Theism itself may entail a belief in more than one god, but at least one, and began during the scientific revolution of the 17th century.

Atheism is a rejection of God

Atheism is a rejection of God in all concepts and is strict disbelief in any god in any shape or form; this differs from misotheism greatly because in the latter there is at least a belief in God if it is only to hate and attempt to punish that God. Agnosticism is often confused with atheism because in both cases there is a lack of worship, but agnosticism as a belief system doesn’t wholeheartedly reject a belief in God. Agnostic worshipers simply maintain that mankind just doesn’t have the necessary knowledge to determine whether there is actually a God or not. Agnosticism is an inherent belief that there is a difference between belief and knowledge and that the two shouldn’t be confused.

Misotheism is different from all of these other belief systems because it is strictly a hatred of God, the belief that God is evil or a belief that God is the source of punishment for the entire world and is the reason why people suffer. To be a misotheist one doesn’t necessarily even have to believe in a specific God, but just the hatred of God itself as an ideal is enough.

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