A New Season for the Church


Many ages have dawned and set in the history of the Church. What began as a small community of 120 people awaiting the indwelling of the Holy Spirit has spread across the globe to include millions of people. Despite the many seasons of the Church, something is remarkably different about the one now commencing.

Mayan predictions aside, the year, 2012, is a demarcation point of a new day. The Lord has been and continues to prepare His Bride for this new age in which she will shine like never before. This time, however, her light will not dim again for she will be attaining glory and growing in that glory until the great wedding feast.

Each season of the past has restored an aspect of what the Church is to be and it has not taken root in every group. But this time, we are going to see a culmination of the many things restored falling into position to provide a strength the world has never seen. This time we will see churches that are not built on Jesus begin to fade away into obscurity. This time love will truly shine forth that will cause people to be jealous of the Lord. This love will be compelling. It will heal on the spot. It will set the captives free. This is because Jesus is being formed in His Church and He will lead her in a manner never before seen even when He was on the earth. It will be different this time. It will be more glorious.

Season of Reaping the Harvest

We are leaving a season of sowing with no return and entering a season of reaping the harvest we have sown. For those who have sown well, this will be a season of awe.

For others, it will be a rude awakening, but one of grace and mercy. Because to taste in this life the results of what they have sown, they can see their need for the Lord to make straight their path. They will see the mercy of the Lord in great measure and come to repentance. Today is the day of salvation. Those who did not sow in the Lord will reap accordingly. This is why love is going to be the key. When we respond to those who are looking for their harvest with love rather than disdain, they can come into Jesus and find He is faithful even when they were not.

We need to be able to see, to discern, what the Lord is doing. We must be able to hear His voice and know His ways. We cannot judge things based on what we see with our natural eyes. We will become blinded by the bounty of the good things of the Lord and miss the Lord in our time of gain. Nothing is worth gaining if we do not gain the Lord. If we sowed by our own strength and methods we will reap the results of that natural success, but the Lord will not be in it. If the bounty does not come from His fountain, then there is no point in any of it.

The picture of what 2012 and subsequent years will look like for the Church can only be ever so carefully projected, for our words will not fully express the reality for the reality will be more real than any other age. Last season was a training ground, and in this season those who were trained in battle will be training the masses for advancement. We have been trained to see with the eyes of our spirit and that is going to become more and more vital as time goes on. We need to see what we cannot see with our natural eyes to accurately navigate the coming wave of the Lord. We must see Jesus or we will miss all that He is doing.

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