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There are are many people who feel that Sharia Law, and it’s punishments for criminal acts are too harsh, and draconian to help modern society. I, however, see it differently. Sharia Law seeks to do what other systems of law have in some cases failed to do. Reform people to a more pious way of living. It is not simply enough to just punish people for the crime they commit. This is why the state of Texas’ correction system has such a high recidivism rate, as well as other States.

What people feel is too harsh isn’t always the norm

The punishment for theft, which many non-Muslim’s feels is amputation of the right hand. It isn’t applied in all cases. First, the Judge takes into account the mitigating factors of the case. Why it was committed, and to what purpose. The mental health, and moral health of the individual, and the if any life was taken, and what affect this person may have on the community if he resumed his criminal lifestyle.

These things and the Laws set down by the Qur’an, which is interpreted in Sharia Law are what affect the punishments, and how harsh they can be. If the accused thief is just a vagrant looking for a meal, and really has no appetite for a criminal way of life he is not punished for his actions.

The controversy gets especially ridiculous when so-called Islamic nations impose non-Islamic punishments which far too harsh for the crimes they are set to punish. Such as death by stoning for Adultery, or Apostasy. The Qur’an State Death for these offenses, It is not Islamic to condemn a person to death for them unless there was some extreme danger to the victim, or to the community. Since neither offense normally causes death or an immediate threat to society Death is not a reasonable punishment.

Sharia law is just

Of course, it is just a Human interpretation of Allah’s holy laws, and of itself cannot be perfect. We(Muslims) should not fall into the trap of thinking Sharia by itself is the Qur’an. It is simply Man interpreting Allah’s will in the form of Government. Our Nation (US) also has a similar base of Government, one based on religious laws, and rules. Most of them would seem unnotable in today’s’ society by non-believers. However, they have served our country fairly well. They aren’t perfect, but they, when allowed to come close. It is my wish that everyone take a closer look at Sharia law with an open mind, and only then can one begin to see what it can do.

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