Aries with Virgo as a Friend

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Aries and Virgo are the two most contrasting sun signs in the zodiac and there are too many differences in their character traits. Well to some extent it does help to create an exciting bond of friendship but to some extent, it also may work against it. A friendship between an Aries and Virgo can be said as a friendship where there is in nothing is common between them and as a result, chances are they can learn a lot from each other.

The Aries could bring in fun and excitement to the Virgo’s life, and the Virgo could teach the Aries about the importance of patience and attention to detail. If they could learn to take each other’s criticisms less seriously, they could form a lasting friendship as there is little chance of their interests conflicting with each other. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars and of Virgo is Mercury.

An Aries, being a soldier, tends to dash out and fight, without planning or considering things while a Virgo, a tactician, tends to evaluate everything and works out the details before performing any action. Both the signs need to consider and learn the advantages of each other’s strategy. Both Aries and Virgo want and strive for completely different things. This dissimilarity, which might hamper their friendship a bit during their initial stages, could later work wonderfully to the advantage of both of them thus enabling Aries and Virgo to maintain a strong bond with little effort. From Aries, Virgo could learn to be less critical and more active, while from Virgo, Aries could learn to be more astute and less reckless.

These two signs though contrasting in nature but can be a very formidable combination as far as healthy friendship is concerned because even their character traits are different but most of their traits definitely compliment each other.

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