Cancer as a friend with Capricorn

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Two of the most contrasting sun-signs in the zodiac are Cancer and Capricorn. They are literally apart from each other in their character traits and they have a very different mindset and approach towards their life. Cancers are people who mind their own business, who are calm and practical-minded while Capricorn people are energetic and fun to be with.

As a result, these two different personalities could merge quite well together as friends. Cancer can bring stability and practicality in their friendship while a Capricorn can bring all the fun, energy and excitement in their bonding. Cancer friend will always advise Libra to be practical-minded and help him to take the right decisions. Libra, on the other hand, will teach Cancer to live life to the fullest and enjoy even the smaller things in life.

They also share a great degree of understanding and communication. Capricorn could teach Cancer to focus more on their ambitions and persevere to attain them. Capricorn could also control the mood swings of Cancer and help them realize the practical aspect of things. Both signs are loyal to each other and this creates a strong bond between them. However, the most striking element in a friendship between a Cancer and a Capricorn is their sheer trust and loyalty to each other and their dedication to attain their common ends. Cancer and Capricorn love the luxurious things in life and are willing to take the effort to praise them.

Their common aims and combination of nature make their friendship a very compatible friendship which can go on for a long period of time.

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