Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility

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Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility

The relationship between Cancer and Sagittarius is a constant battle and challenging to make it work. If the love between both of you is strong and both are willing to make this relation work, you success will raise compatibility scores.  As the relation is constant battle between securities and risk neither of the partners should be ready to compromise to sustain the relation.

Both the partners should be patient in the relation and should give enough time for the relationship to grow and mature. As the relation grows, both the partners will find much to offer for the other. During the initial days of relation, it seems like Sagittarius is thrill seeker and cancer may want more commitment in life. Over a period of time, Sagittarius will appreciate emotional support offered by cancer. Cancer should give emotional freedom to explore their interests and space apart from their relationship.

Both the partners have different approaches of life. Sagittarius is restless traveler and cancer has great emotions. This emotional approach of cancer can be overwhelming to their partner whereas Sagittarius craving for external activities will not be resisted by cancer. On partnering with cancer, Sagittarius will enjoy secure home base and cancer’s life will be filled with excitement and diversity. Security they give to one another is the best part of their relation. They will be compatible couple after they open up to each other and accept different lifestyle of others.

Cancer and Sagittarius friendship 

The friendship between Cancer and Sagittarius need some time to overcome their initial difficulties.  Both of them need to give some time and space to each other. Sagittarius loves adventure and needs to try new things in life where as cancer believe in having stability and security in life. Cancer always demands loyalty in friendship which Sagittarius s not willing to offer during the initial days. As the relationship between two progresses, Sagittarius would appreciate the loyalty and commitment provided by the cancer and develops a strong bond between them.

Hyperactive nature of Sagittarius will surprise cancer and Sagittarius will not understand emotional mood swings of cancer. However both the persons in the relation will be benefited with this friendship. Sagittarius will get a solid support and healthy environment from cancer and this would help them to work towards the goals easily. Friendship with Sagittarius will bring more fun into the life of cancer.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman

The relation between cancer man Sagittarius woman doesn’t happen most of the time but, it is not impossible. Cancer man should dwell into activities and make Sagittarius woman happy. If this happens, Sagittarius woman will show love and affection that is needed by cancer. When the couple is able to work these differences, they can definitely lead a happy life.

Sagittarius Women and Cancer Man

The love match between Sagittarius woman and cancer man is fantastic. This will happen only when both the couple is ready to invest right efforts.

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