Cancer and Libra compatibility

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Libra and Cancer compatibility

Cancer and Libra is a challenging relation to work on. The partners in this relationship are different people and managing the relation between two is balancing act, neither of the partners will win here.They have different priorities in life and this is key factor in deciding the relationship. If they have true love towards each other, you should try to overcome the differences.  When the people with these two zodiac signs are in the relation, they are capable to give something that is lacking in the partner. If they choose to work towards common goal in life, they can blend their energies.

The partners have very few things in common so; this relation takes time build up and become strong over a period of time.  Both the partners should strive to know more about each other so that you can recognize and respect positive traits in the others which will strengthen your relation.  Both the partners would love to have long term relation. Libra works on intellectual levels most of the times and they find cancer emotional mood swings alarming.  On the other hand, cancer finds Libra emotional detachment scary. The couple has different approaches towards many things in life like money, career and goals. Only common aspect between both the zodiac signs is long lasting love relation.  Even their social life can be a cause of conflict between them at times. However, if the love of the couple is strong towards each other, they can work out to sort these differences.

Cancer and Libra friendship

Cancer and Libra friendship can supply each other lacking qualities. Both the friends will be looking for secured alliance. Friendship between two can gel well if they can share common goal and respect each other. As the two zodiac signs have very few things in common, their friendship may start slowly. When they get to know each other completely, bonding between two will become stronger. Intellectual and emotional qualities of this pair can place high value on emotions and feelings. Tactful nature of Libra will impress cancer and Libra is adored by cancers tender nature.  Libra helps cancer to develop logical thinking before arriving to a decision. Cancer could induce determination into the nature of Libra. Few common interests like love for pleasure and luxury, consistency and stability keeps them stick to this friendship.

Cancer man and Libra woman

The match  between cancer man and Libra woman will have a hard time. The partners lack concern for each other in the partnership. Cancer man is money saver and Libra women is a spend thrift. The match is difficult to sustain in the long relationship.

Cancer woman and Libra man

The match between cancer women and Libra man will not reach high levels of compatibility. The cancer woman is always in search of security and stability in the relation and keeps nagging Libra man.  These mood swings of cancer women will irritate Libra man and they cannot make a perfect match.

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