Libra as a friend with Cancer

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Libra and Cancer are the two most contrasting personalities in the zodiac sign. From their attitude to their likes and dislikes, everything is totally opposite from each other. But since opposites attract each other, things could work well even for these two sun signs. Cancer friends are calm, composed and practical-minded people while Libra is energetic, witty and free-flowing people and this combination could work well to develop their friendship. While Libra may inject fun and excitement in the friendship, Cancer may provide stability and balance in their bonding.

A friendship between a Cancer and a Libra is a strong relationship with each sign comprehending the other and providing exactly what the other friend does not have. Cancer and Libra work hard after luxurious things and lavish lifestyle as well as consistency and practicality. Their friendship will w become stronger if they worked towards their similar aims. Their friendship develops slowly over time. Initially, they might seem very strange and different from each other. But as they become more acquainted with each other, they begin to respect and appreciate each other.

Cancer and Libra are blessed with emotional and creative qualities. They both emphasize very high value on emotions, loyalty, and trust. Cancer is intrigued by Libra’s bubbly and creative nature while Libra could protect Cancer from the more evil tendencies Cancer have when they feel jealous or left alone. Libra always appreciates Cancer’s sensitive and caring nature and the stability and security that comes with it. Libra can also help Cancer evaluate all aspects of a situation before coming to a particular decision and conclusion. Cancer can inspire determination and discipline into the carefree nature of Libra.

Even though dissimilar but surely with little understanding and time, it could turn out to be a very fun and interesting friendship which could go on for a long time.

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