Gemini and Cancer compatibility

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Cancer and Gemini compatibility

Gemini and Cancer are neighbors to each other in the zodiac charts, but they have very things in common. It is, in fact, a hard match to work with and the couple should be ready to face many initial challenges to build up the relation and bonding between two. Cancer loves to be a homemaker whereas Gemini is a good communicator that loves to communicate the message to the world. The communicator and the home maker have to compromise with each other to sustain their relation.

Gemini can easily flicker their mind with lighting speed whereas cancer has emotional mood swings. Cancer wants a wants a relationship which is emotionally close whereas Gemini lightens the situation and enjoys the world. Both would be demanding the feelings that they want from each other. Both the partners fail to appreciate the reason for other’s moods and are likely to irritate each other.

Their relation is, in fact, a conflict between the emotions and intellect. Gemini believes in logical and rational thinking whereas cancer stretches on feelings and gut instinct. If both the partners can carry forward the relation understanding the other’s strengths and own weakness, they will have the best relationship in the world making intellectually and instinctively right decisions.

To make their relationship work out, Gemini should understand the importance to cancer emotions towards a situation and Cancer should give enough space to Gemini (often) to socialize and develop their own interest.

Gemini and Cancer friendship

The friendship between Gemini and Cancer is a partnership of emotions and mental ability.  Both the zodiac signs have opposite nature. One is sentimental in nature, and the other is logical in nature. The friendship between the two can be quite interesting.  Humor nature of the Gemini will attract cancer soon, and they will very soon give up reticence.  However, cancer will turn good friend for Gemini teaching them how to take a look at emotions of the world. At times, cancer may also feel that they are not being valued Gemini which may hamper their relation. Both the parties should move away from the extreme characters of their zodiac sign and move to the neutral zone to sustain their relation for a longer time.

Gemini man and cancer woman

Gemini men are easily drawn to cancer woman because they are very caring in nature. Gemini men know that this is the women who can take care of him perfectly.  The same is not true in the case of her. They can work out the relation in a perfect way only when the Gemini men can express the love and respect that is demanded by cancer women.

Gemini woman are not easily attracted to cancer men because they are not flirtatious like them..if you are into a relation with the cancer man and want to sustain it, be a good listener to his conversation though it is as clever as yours. Understand that his compliments are caring.

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