Gemini as a friend with Cancer

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Gemini and Cancer make an interesting combination since they have opposite personalities and character traits. While a Gemini may get fascinated and intrigued by the sheer calmness and practical mind of Cancer, Cancer may like the intellect and wit of Gemini. A friendship between a Gemini and Cancer represents a rather interesting combination of mental abilities and emotional connection.

Gemini people are of an intellectual and creative nature and Cancer people are sentimental and tender by nature. Gemini can attract Cancer with their creativity and sheer sense of humor, which might force Cancer to give up their tough nature sooner than a usual while, Cancer might push Gemini to relax a bit and take a look at the surroundings around them and the world in general.

However, Cancer could feel that Gemini does not value the bonding and this would affect their friendship to some extent. Both the friends must realize that they can have a strong bond of friendship if both of them accept their flaws and appreciate their similarities. Cancer may also dislike the secretive or hiding nature of Gemini sometimes which may lead to misunderstandings in their friendships. Chances are also that Gemini may get bored by the plain-Jane and simple life and attitude of Cancer.

In this friendship, Gemini may assume the responsibility of taking care of Cancer, protecting them from outside enemies and evil elements. While Cancer, in their turn will provide Gemini with a healthy and pleasant environment. Cancer friend has a tendency to take everything passionately and could do the same to their friendship, making him more possessive of the friend. Gemini friend has to convince his friend that they love and cherish the bonding which they have. Cancer has powerful natural instincts and can teach Gemini to avoid any emotional conflicts and be in balance and stability of things.

Co-operation, patience and space are the three important factors for their friendship to prosper into a healthy and long lasting one.

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