Cancer and Leo Compatibility

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Leo and Cancer Compatibility

There is huge difference in the traits of Cancer and Leo. Cancer is more silent and sensitive whereas LEO is much more confident and buoyant. These zodiac signs are next to each other in the astrology chart. Though they have different traits, they are quite compatible with each other. Both the partners need love and tender care in the relation but cancer demands more harmony in the relation whereas Leo needs heart full complements and admiration from the partner. Both are committed towards their   relation. As their desires are same, both can fill vacuum in each other’s lives. Both the couples are strong minded and they should always work alternatively to understand each other.

The best part of their relation is they have good tolerance about each other’s opposite ways of going about things. They can in fact help each other to overcome others weak points. Leo has capability to sympathies mood swings and boast their self-esteem. On the other hand cancer is good at providing required emotional and domestic support to the partner. Attention seeking LEO will fall love in cancer partner who can offer it very effectively and they will enjoy a strong relation.  LEO is a born leader so, they always takes control of the situation which makes the cancer feel they are lost.

Cancer and Leo friendship

Both will enjoy a fantastic relation when there is friendship between cancer and Leo. Both have good understanding towards the feelings of the other. LEO looks for admiration and cancer looks for support and security in the relation. They are in fact possessive and faithful to each other among other friends.  Their friendship can effectively stand the test of time.  They can produce prolific combination as long as they understand and accept each other. However, both need a great deal of dedication to present them to each other. Their characters that they have will have good impact on the level of friendship they are going to enjoy. When you are considering making a friendship with cancer, it is good for LEO to reflect their personality. LEO is a born leader and generally would want to take leadership in any relation. However, you should make sure that you practice this continuously  because cancer is a good follower.

Cancer man and Leo Woman

The couple cancer man and Leo woman will enjoy great compatibility if both the parties can compromise few things in life to maintain the relation. Cancer men are sentimental and proud where as Leo woman demands love and adoration in the relation.  If the cancer man can offer the adoration that is needed by Leo women, the relation between two work out well.  however, both have to be sensitive to sore parts of others.

Cancer woman and Leo woman

LEO man is very liberal and he loves to spend time with his cancer partner. Their compatibility score is very high.  They can effectively address the desires of each other in the relation.

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