Cancer as a friend with Sagittarius

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If opposites attract each other, then definitely Cancer and Sagittarius can become best of friends. The friendship between these two sun-signs is full of fun, understanding, and adventures. Sagittarius are out-going people who believe in living their life to the fullest while Cancer is more practical-minded people who believe in doing things which are politically correct.

Cancer can help Sagittarius on being more focused while Sagittarius can push Cancer to do things which he likes and not which are practically correct. Since both these sun signs have different mindsets, arguments and clash of opinions do arise in their friendship but they quickly resolve it and come up with a plan which is accepted by both. The friends might not fully agree with each other’s attitude and decisions, but they would still be excited with each other’s approach towards life.

They balance each other well and either partner could gain from the experiences of the other. As long as they maintain an intense, strong friendship, they settle their arguments very amicably and easily. Cancer must give Sagittarius their independence and could make good usage of Sagittarius’ ideas and interests. Sagittarius could teach Cancer, that flexibility could be a good thing.

However, the most astounding feature of the relationship between a Cancer and a Sagittarius is the practicality and co-operation they provide for each other. Once they understand each other’s attitudes and accept their flaws and differences, they could form a very potent combination.

They only need to communicate with each other and settle their misunderstandings to preserve a meaningful and interesting bond of friendship.

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