Being a Church Member


The local church is a body of baptized believers who share common beliefs, values, and behavior. Church helps to satisfy the need to belong to something. Belonging to a local church is helpful because it facilitates meeting some of the basic needs of life.

The scriptures teach that it is not good for man to be alone.

All humans have a sense of belonging built into them. Therefore, joining a local congregation may be beneficial in helping young families meet this need. Belonging also helps the senior citizen because they can combat being alone by attending services and receiving visits from the church body.

Membership in a local church is important because it helps people build social intelligence.

Social intelligence involves learning how to interact with diverse groups of people. Church membership allows individuals to build relationships with people that usually last a lifetime. Many churches provide activities for different social groups to meet. These social groups sometimes fall into the categories of gender, interests, problem, age, and activity.

In addition to building social intelligence, membership in a local church helps to build emotional intelligence. Social and emotional intelligence are two important skills for anyone to learn in the new global society. Church provides a safe and challenging environment to develop interpersonal and intra-personal relationships. Learning how to control self and to teach others how to have self-control is a fundamental teaching of the typical church congregation.

Building social and emotional intelligence through a local church also helps people develop networking skills.

Because the church is a community organization, it allows people to interact in a way that facilitates economic prosperity among its members. Church membership provides an opportunity for those employers who attend the same church to see how an individual handles pressure, relationships and new information.

Many believe local church membership provides a support system for those who experience hardship and tragedy in life. Members in many churches treat one another like family. When one family member is hurting or rejoicing, the entire church body shares in the occasion emotionally and mentally. Love and compassion spread among the members as news spreads about their neighbor’s situation. Members in the church usually show concern when tragedy strikes and provide assistance to those in need.

Local church membership helps develop character.

The teachings of the bible speak to every aspect of life. As a church member, an individual receives lessons that serve as a guide through the many rough spots in life. Financial management, budgeting, marriage counseling, parenting skills, and communication skills are just a few things one can learn as a member of a local church.

Provides Resources to help with the pressures of life

Lastly, membership in a local church provides a link to resources to help with the pressures of life. Many pastors of local congregations provide spiritual guidance for the members. The pastor assigns deacons to oversee several families in the church for the express purpose of attending to the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs of each member. The church provides resources for grief counseling and tips on how to live a fit life. The local church provides a program of help to meet every need of the membership.

Membership in a local church is important because the church provides support for its members from the cradle to the grave and this reinforces the thought that you are never alone in this world.


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