Bhagavadgitha a Practical Approach to Life


First of all, I would like to press my words that, Shrimad Bhagwadgita is not a BOOK. It is a Holy Bible for the Hindus. Therefore it should not be understood as some kind of literature which teaches you how to live your life. The Gita should be treated with respect and understanding that the Gita is a source of unlimited knowledge. Yes, It is a practical approach to life because it is the knowledge that gives you a clear picture of life and death and beyond. The complexity of the Sanskrit language may not allow you to get to the roots of its meanings, but the translation works done by the authorities are so easy to understand that if taught properly, even a child can cultivate it in his life.

Bhagwadgita is a great ocean of knowledge

The is Bhagwadgita is a great ocean of knowledge and even if we go through it, again and again, we can only cover a drop of it. But even a drop you acquire from Gita is like nectar. Therefore, through our lives, if we want to be happy and content Gita is the key to it.

As far as life is concerned, what Gita is teaching us, in general, is how a person in a mode of goodness should be like. Never the less it is also giving us answers to simple questions like, What is life? what is death? what is our duty as a human being? And so many other answers to our questions are hidden in the eighteen chapters of Shrimad Bhagwadgita.

Everyone wants to be happy in their life.

The only way of being happy is being contented. otherwise, the richest man on earth has a hunger for more. Even he can not claim to be completely happy. He might say Oh! I have wealth and power I have everything I need BUT only if I had this, that or blah blah blah I would be the happiest person on earth. The BUT in his statement is the root cause of misery. The Gita teaches you how to be content in life. That whatever you have in this life, wealth or poverty, beauty or ugliness, good health or ill-health it is due to your karma in your past life. Not just putting you off by saying so, the Gita is actually promising you that your good Karma in the present life can take you away from all the miseries in the next life. It will prove it to you with practical examples as you progress understanding the Gita. It teaches you to accept.

Accept your real form

That you are not this body. This body is temporary and all the material attachments you have are temporary. As death is inevitable and life is like doing your doctorate degree. It is educating you throughout the different phases of life and death is like your graduation day ceremony.

Celebrate it.

There is no limit to what you can extract from the Gita. As I have said earlier it is an ocean and it is up to you, how much deep down you can go. Gaining of pearls depends on your efforts. This ocean is made from the nectar of life. Just dive into it and make most of it.

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