Buyers Guide to Jewish Jewelry


The best and most efficient way to buy Jewish jewelry is to buy it beautifully crafted by an artist’s hand. David Weitzman is an Israeli artist, who has devoted over 20 years studying kabbalah and Jewish mystic. His jewelry collection offers many gold and silver pendants that reflect the beauty and spiritual elements of the Jewish tradition. All of David’s jewels are crafted to have a special meaning or invention to inspire the wearer and bring health happiness, and spiritual wholeness to one’s life.

Jewelry Shop

One day I was surfing the web for a good Jewish site, and then I came across “KA Gold Jewelry” which is the name of David’s Jewish shop. I noticed two lovely pendants and rings with Aramaic letters on them. There we’re silver and gold options and the price ranged from fifty dollars, all the way to five hundred dollars. I thought that this was very affordable considering the price of American jewelry, so I ordered my wife the Ana Becoach gold pendant and ring set. This cost me a little under a thousand dollars, and my wife loved them.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think women look hot with Aramaic tattoos, and now my wife has the tatts and the jewelry to go with it…yao! Also, Ana’s message is very interesting. The ring and pendant are derived from the Ana Becoach prayer used by the Kabbalist. The jewels are designed to bring good health; balance, and success in life.

My wife was so stoked about the jewelry I bought her, that she went on the same site a few months later and ordered me something. She got me the “Five Metals Ring.” She told me that this ring was designed based on an ancient kabbalistic formula, with layers of gold, tin, copper, and silver. The ring is created only once a month during most months when Jupiter obscures the moon for approximately five hours. I thought that was really cool. The ring is masculine, and the natural metal colors make it universal to wear with anything. I kind of feel like a King when I wear my ring, that’s how nice it is.

Spiritual Meaning in the Jewish Pieces of jewelry

Ultimately if you’re looking into buying any type of Jewish jewelry, expect it to have some kind of spiritual or positive meaning. Most craftsmen won’t sell their jewels to just anyone unless they are desperate and need the money. The reason is that Jewish craftsmen take pride in their work, and they consider the person before they sell their product. I recommend checking out David Weitzman website, it is very authentic, and the work is marvelous.

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