Citrus Color Takes On A New Meaning with Citrine


Citrus fruits are what come to mind when thinking of the Citrine gemstone. Citrus fruit are lemons and oranges hence the name, of course, is derived from its lemon-orange color. For this November birthstone the coloring agent is iron. Believe it or not, most citrines that are obtained commercially are not natural but are rather amethysts that are heat-treated. Some amethysts turn light yellow at lower temperatures such as 878 degrees Fahrenheit while others turn into the red-brown color at around 1022-1040 degrees Fahrenheit. Natural citrines are actually very rare. There are smoky quartzes that reach the citrine color at low temperatures as low as 390 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see citrines that have been heat treated by the red tints that are present. While these heat treated ones are darker in color the natural citrines are pale yellow.

Deposits Of Natural Citrine

Although natural citrines are rare deposits are found in Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Burma, Namibia, Russia Scotland as well as in Argentina and Spain. The Citrine is a member if the quartz family with quartz being the Slavic word for “hard”. This group of stones has similar physical properties as well as the same chemical composition being SiO² silicone dioxide. If you give a gift of this November birthstone to a loved one and it is a natural citrine then you are giving a rare gift that is hard to find in this day and age.

Uses And Meaning Of The Citrine

If you want your loved one to attract wealth with their November birthstone then the citrine is the one to go for. This stone is sometimes called the Merchant’s Stone for this reason. Not only is it a potentially selfish stone in attracting wealth but it is also encourages sharing the good fortune with generosity. This stone is also believed to attract not only wealth but also love and happiness while also guarding against heart break as well as jealousy and spite. The Citrine is also used by healers as a fortifier and is believed to increase work productivity.

What Mystics Believe

Mystics believe that wearing the citrine stone at night will dispel nocturnal fears, banish anger and sadness including protecting the wearer from sudden death too. There is also the belief that women will become fertile after having been sterile while men believe that they will be made intelligent and handsome when wearing a citrine, November birthstone.

When All Is Said And Done

The bottom line of it all is if you love the yellow-orange colour then you are more than likely also going to love wearing jewelry made of the citrine too. Citrine gems are usually made into necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants that enthuse warmth and serenity. Believers in crystals do add a small warning not to give a citrine to those that exhibit short tempers since the citrine may aggravate those with aggressive tendencies. For those that are not affected by this warning, the citrine might be the answer if you are currently experiencing financial difficulties..

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