Topaz – Earthy, Radiant And Impressive


Colors Of The Topaz

The topaz has long been known to be the birthstone for the month of November. These gorgeous gems have earthy colors such as yellow, red-brown and light green as well as appearing in light blue, pink-red, violet and also colorless. The colorless topaz is known as the silver topaz or white topaz and is often times mistaken for a diamond. The colors of the gems are vivid and the most common color is yellow while the pint to reddish-orange color is the most valuable. The color agents for these gems are iron and chrome and some varieties of the yellowish-brown deposits gradually fade in sunlight.

The Name And Deposits Of Topaz

The name for the Topaz is derived from the name Topazos which was the island in the Red Sea where the topaz gems were first found. Schneckenstein in the southern Vogtland in Saxony is home to the most famous topaz mine in the 18th century. Brazil is the most important source for the topaz today. The light blue topazes are found in Northern Ireland, Scotland as well as in Cornwall, England. Other deposits are found in Australia, Burma, China, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico as well as Namibia, Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Utah in the United States of America.

Uses And History Of Topaz

Topaz has been available and used for many years now and date back to the time of Moses in the bible and the great Exodus out of Egypt. From a biblical perspective, the topaz was not only used in the breastplate of the High Priest in Exodus but and again in Revelations where topaz is the ninth foundation stone of the wall surrounding the New Jerusalem. Clearly the topaz is a gemstone that has great importance and is really gorgeous if it is used to describe a city that is due to be amazingly beautiful. The gem is used as a means to heal both body and mind and it is said that this gem was known as a traveler’s stone offering protection as one travels. Another use for this birthstone for November is a support for mental health. The silver or white Topaz is used for purifying emotions and actions, removes stagnant energy and increases your awareness as well.

Meaning of The Topaz

Since the topaz supports mental health, it is believed to be a soothing stone that will locate where its energy is most needed. The blue topaz is especially alluring and wearers often have an immense sense of peace when wearing this color.

Settings For The Topaz

There are many ways that these gorgeous gems can be set into wonderful pieces of jewelry, “taking hold” of the designers mind and running away with it. Many amazing designs have been inspired by these gemstones and they look equally good set in gold as they do in silver metals. You only need to look in store windows to find a magnificent and very special design for your loved when as you purchase this birthstone of November.

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