Gemini as a friend with Aquarius

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Aquarius people are outgoing, smart and enthusiastic people while Gemini people are the silent and mysterious type of personalities. But as the rule of nature suggests, opposites always attract each other and similar is the case with these two sun-signs. A friendship between a Gemini and an Aquarius features a strong bond between two people who share a good emotional and mental chemistry with each other.

Gemini adores creative ideas and is intrigued by the vision of Aquarius. Both friends enjoy their space and creative freedom. Misunderstandings or arguments can arise in their friendship if Aquarius begins to get irritated by Gemini’s fluctuating nature or Gemini feels that Aquarius are too boring and practical. The friends of these sun signs are well suited for each other.

Aquarius will strive hard to achieve their shared dreams and objectives and Gemini will do everything to assist them. The friends just need to join their efforts and channelize them to meaningful purposes and then, they can achieve almost everything and anything together. They are both very efficient in their work and are good at planning and organizing things. Any misunderstandings or arguments between both the friends would be taken in a humorous and light manner.

They also happen to communicate and understand each other quite well. They can also be good colleagues or business partners due to their understanding and co-operative nature towards each other. Gemini may provide with excitement and fun in the friendship while Aquarius can bring practicality and consistency. However, Aquarius should allow Gemini with their space and freedom of thought and should not be too dominating in nature.

All their friendship needs is some time and patience along with some space to each other to make into a loyal and long lasting bond of friendship.

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