How to make an Aquarius Man Chase You


Secrets of Getting an Aquarius Man to Love You

Once you’ve spent any time at all with an Aquarius man, you’re bound to start feeling as though you’re falling hard and fast for him. Who could blame you? These men are wonderfully loyal, they’re incredibly affectionate and once they fall in love, they’ll do anything and everything to keep the woman of their dreams happy and satisfied. If you can capture the heart of an Aquarius man, you’ll have a life partner who literally worships and adores you. Unfortunately, getting a man like this to love you can be a tricky endeavor. The majority of men born under this sign are very independent and it takes a special woman with insight and compassion to get them to open their hearts.

Aquarius Men Work on Their Own Emotional Schedules

You have to allow the Aquarius man you adore the chance to lead the relationship at the pace that he chooses. That’s so hard to do when you’re crazy in love with him, but it’s essential. He needs to feel as though he’s not being cornered or crowded. If you push him for anything too soon, he’s bound to bolt. That’s one thing that you absolutely do not want.

If you ask a woman who has been involved with a man like this how long it took him to say that he loved her, don’t be surprised if the answer is months as opposed to weeks. Even if you take the plunge first and tell him that you utterly adore him and can’t live without him, don’t expect to hear the same in return. He won’t show you his true emotions until he feels good and ready to do so. That’s why it’s so essential that you don’t push him at all. Take the relationship one day at a time and just embrace each and every experience that you two share. If you can do that, he’ll see you as someone who is easygoing and more importantly, someone who is very accepting of who he is. He needs to feel that in order for the relationship to reach the next level.

Aquarius Men Aren’t in Any Rush to Marry

Typically when you ask a single Aquarius man what he thinks about marriage you’ll be greeted with one of two responses. Either he’ll scoff at the question and then completely ignore it, or he’ll tell you that he doesn’t “believe” in the institute of marriage. He likely doesn’t mean the latter at all. What he really means is that it’s not something he gives a lot of thought to. You can’t blame him for that since he’s never met the right woman until you came along.

If you start talking about how you envision your wedding or how many children you ultimately hope to have, don’t be surprised if the Aquarius guy you’re interested in, doesn’t call again. These men really don’t even entertain the idea of a serious, exclusive, dating relationship until they feel a strong emotional connection with a woman. If you push too hard for a ring, he’ll never ring you up again.

Aquarius Men Want to Be Your Prince Charming

I’ve yet to meet a woman who didn’t want to be swept off her feet by her own personal Prince Charming. When you’re involved with an Aquarius male you’re in for the ride of a lifetime. These men are notorious for coming up with elaborate romantic gestures for the women they adore. It can be somewhat overwhelming at first, but the essential rule to remember is to appreciate and embrace it.

Even if it’s something as simple as remembering the flowers you like and stopping by a local florist to pick up a bouquet before he surprises you at work, be grateful. The man in your life needs to know that you value and appreciate the effort he puts into making you feel special, loved, and adored.

It’s also important that you return the favor by doing romantic things for him. Don’t worry if you’re on a limited budget, you can still make a big impact on him by baking him a batch of homemade cookies or packing up a picnic lunch on a warm day for you two to share after you share a hike or a bike ride.

Just always remember that romance is something that the Aquarius man craves. You want to give and receive gratefully in this instance.

Loving an Aquarius man means you have the world at your feet. We all often hear of women who swear they married the ideal man and you can certainly have that two. If you’re attracted to a particular Aquarius, be genuine, kind, and compassionate every day and in every way. Show him that you understand the gift that he is and he’ll cherish you more than you ever imagined.

Capture an Aquarius Man’s Heart

If you’ve got your heart set on a particular Aquarius man now is the time to pounce! Men like this don’t wander into our lives on a daily basis so when one does, you have to be prepared to get him to want you just as much as you want him. Most of us fumble with finding the right things to say and do but that’s not going to get you the deep, meaningful, and lasting bond with your Aquarius man that you long for. You need to be able to show him, not tell him, that you’re the only woman who can understand him and love him the way he needs and deserves.

I fell for an Aquarius man and I made a whole string of mistakes. First and foremost, I chased him endlessly. I told him way too soon what I was feeling and I talked about commitment before he had even discussed the idea of being exclusive. It was a disaster and as soon as I noticed him pulling away, I was certain that I had destroyed any chance I may have had with him.

I needed help and I needed it right that minute. I realized something very fundamental about women and relationships. We often put a lot of thought and effort into learning new things. But why don’t we put that same effort into our relationships? Why don’t we go the extra mile to learn what really attracts a man and how to get him to want only us? It’s actually very simple when you think about it – if you want to capture the heart of an Aquarius man, you have to learn what triggers will make him open himself up to you.

Men really just want the same things we do which are to feel respected, adored, and treasured. If you can gain insight into how to make your Aquarius man feel that, he’s going to be yours. He’ll feel compelled to love you because he’ll see you as the only woman who truly gets him. That’s a powerful thing. Once that happens for a man, every other woman falls away.

There’s a video that explains this in great detail. It’s not long or complicated but it is very telling. Just consider this – if you continue to keep doing what you’ve already been doing, the results aren’t going to change. He’s not going to chase after you or proclaim his endless love. You must learn how to make him feel those things in a subtle way so he can’t help but want you more than he’s ever wanted any woman.

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