Gemini as a friend with Virgo

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Gemini and Virgo can become good friends and have amazing chemistry. There are many traits in the sun signs which are complimenting each other quite well and it is because of that, it could help in developing the friendship. A friendship between a Gemini and a Virgo is one that develops and blossoms with time. Both the friends need to take an effort to understand and appreciate each other.

Gemini depends on their creative strength, while Virgo depends on their practical mind to tackle any situations. Gemini does things in their own stylish manner and do what suits them, while, Virgo strives hard towards attaining their goals and objectives. Gemini can often have more than one opinion and idea for everything while Virgo must accept this natural trait of Gemini and behave accordingly. If they can understand each other well and accept their flaws, Gemini and Virgo could have a meaningful and long-lasting friendship.

Initially, Gemini may find Virgo to be very practical and over-disciplined. Both the friends need to be patient and wait for their bonding to flourish. Gemini and Virgo have a totally different approach towards life.. Gemini is more creative and intellectual, while Virgo is more practical and composed. Gemini may dislike simple and straight nature of Virgo and he may find it boring. On the other hand, Virgo may dislike the fluctuating and strange nature of Gemini.

Virgo can teach Gemini the practical aspect of things and help them evaluate all the factors in depth. While Gemini friend can introduce excitement and fun into the life of Virgo. Both the friends of these sun signs communicate efficiently with each other hence there is hardly any sort of misunderstandings or arguments in their friendship. Though Virgo may sometimes find the mysterious nature of Gemini to be strange while the secretive nature to be irritating. It is this factor which could act as a barrier in a rather smooth flowing relationship.

At the end of the day, the thing that both the sun signs need is an assurance from both the friends that their flaws and differences will not destroy or affect their friendship in any manner.

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