Gemstone Therapy for Anxiety


The use of Gemstone therapy for curing ailments isn’t a new one and spans the globe and the centuries, from ancient Chinese medicines to Native American Shamanism to Ayurvedic treatments. Gemstone therapy has been around for longer than we can imagine. Earlier used as elixirs in the 13th and 14th centuries, where the gemstone was crushed into a fine powder and mixed with water, that particular branch of the therapy soon died out as popularity waned for it. Not too many people could afford the daily costs of drinking gemstone elixirs.

The present day gemstone therapy though doesn’t deal in elixirs and staged a come back in the early 1960’s to 1970’s. Although popularity for this therapy hasn’t been as prolific as it could’ve be it never truly died out and as of late it has been gaining in recognition as a viable therapy amongst many people.

The therapy is said to work by balancing certain points within you thereby balancing your bodily well being and promoting good health. Although there are a few different ways to perform this therapy the most favored one seems to be the Chakra method. With this method your body can be brought back into balance utilizing the seven chakra centers which listed below with names of colors place in brackets

  • Root Chakra – is located at the base of your spine (Red, can even be Black or Brown)
  • Navel Chakra – can be found just below your navel (Orange)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – is just below the breastbone (Yellow)
  • Heart Chakra – is to be located in the center of your chest (Green or Pink)
  • Throat Chakra – is at the base of your throat (Light Blue)
  • Third Eye Chakra – can be located between your eyebrows (Indigo)
  • Crown Chakra – is at the top of your head (Violet or White)

By placing a specific gem or gems in a certain sequence on your seven chakra points your body can be brought back into proper balance. Which gem you chose and where it goes, depends partly on your ailment and partly on which color category it belongs to. The colors placed within the brackets at the end of each of the seven chakra points, is there to indicate which color corresponds to which chakra.

However, if you’re thinking of trying this therapy, don’t rush out and buy the nearest gemstone that matches a color that you think might be right for curing anxiety and use it on yourself. Different gems will be used to treat different conditions and what might work for curing anxiety or panic might not work in the curing of insomnia. Also another thing that you might want to think about is whether you want to treat yourself or get an experienced practitioner to treat you. Either way though there are some things that you will need to be aware of first.

If you’re treating yourself or even going to someone, you need to make sure that the gemstones used in the therapy are the real thing, as synthetic man made gems won’t be able to help you in the same way. Also if you’re going to someone else who can perform this therapy make certain the person is legitimate beforehand. There are many people out there who’re just waiting to relieve you of your hard earned money. Unfortunately these people are also to be found alongside the more genuine practitioners so you’ll have your job cut out for you in finding the right gemstone therapist for you.

Since we’ve covered the main necessary ideas involved in Gemstone Therapy, listed below a few gemstones that are good for curing anxiety and panic. These are only a few of the possible gemstones and you can be assured that there will be more.

  • Rhodochrosite – helps release emotional stresses
  • Poppy Jasper – gain a positive outlook
  • Lapis – releases tension
  • Lapis Lazuli – balances the mind
  • Rhodonite – stabilizes your emotions
  • Aventurine – releases anxiety
  • Moonstone – relieves anxiety
  • Amethyst – heals the mind and aids in meditation
  • Jade – helps you relax
  • Kunzite – gives emotional support
  • Malachite – brings harmony into your life
  • Rose Quartz – will give you emotional balance
  • Tree Agate – helps you to view yourself with clarity
  • Amber – lifts emotional burdens
  • Coral – enhances your emotional balance

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