Hinduism Characteristics and Attributes of Matangi


Literally speaking, Hindu is a resident of land through which the river Indus flows.

Over the years and during colonization of the land, the word “Indu” transformed into “Hindu”.

The civilization which has developed around this land over thousands of years revolves around a philosophy known as Hinduism. This philosophy is all-encompassing. To call it religion will be an insult to its spiritual diversity and depth. It propagates contemplation of thoughts towards self search. It shows the path to the realization of the creator who is omnipresent and full of contradictions. Though incompressible it is necessary to realize its presence to make life meaningful.

Hinduism never claimed itself to be a religion, but a philosophy to improve spiritual intelligence.

It has an inbuilt mechanism of tolerance and volunteer to surrender. Force is never as applied; therefore conversions are out of question.

The philosophy propagates the integration of all material and spiritual progressions as a gift from God. Thus it respects other religions and incorporates their teaching to enrich itself. It recognizes the complex cosmic mystery that is a creator. To realize this truth it shows the way to integrate senses, thoughts, emotions, consciousness, material body and material possessions with the super consciousness. The first level is to realize the self and progress to realizing the creator at the next level.

The goal appeared to develop an ideal human being and perfect society that could integrate with the super consciousness and thus achieve eternal bliss.

People living at different intellectual levels in society

The goal was quite challenging as there were people living at different intellectual levels in society. The main problem was to make millions of common people understand to mediate on the super consciousness which was invisible and appeared illogical for intellectually challenged. This was a major barrier to be an ideal human being who could calm their senses, discipline their thoughts, achieve emotional stability, etc. The problem was compounded by the fact that the whole philosophy could not be forced on anyone. The master key to unraveling the mysteries was to self-search within and reach the truth.

The philosophy created had to be a source code of human life which could be a self-programmed and reprogrammed source of identifying, altering human genetic defects to reach the ultimate goal. This was an enormous task in itself.

To achieve its purpose, every aspect of human life was targeted.

There were different paths and options made to reach the same goal. This was done through music, art, science, warfare, trade and business, family life, political governance, etc.

The result was a nuclear explosion of spiritual intelligence through the manifestation of mantras, yogasanas, rituals and symbolic visualization of different aspects of human life and super consciousness.

” Matangi” was one such aspect of symbolic visualization to aid the intellectually challenged and others who wanted to experiment with different options. It can be compared to the modern-day Hollywood characters like Harry Potter, Spider-man, Superman, James Bond, Tom, and Jerry, etc. They are extraordinary characters having a deep impact on the western psyche. The impact of Matangi was similar to the eastern psyche. Matangi provided a symbolic visualization of the existence of super consciousness. This was reinforced with stories, beliefs, mantras, music and dance and even art of sex (love) etc. This provides a mental step ladder for a common man to realize the invisible hand of consciousness.

To put it in a simple way, Hinduism became a source code software while Matangi culture was one of its drivers required in running the human mind to realize super consciousness.

The impact was mind-boggling. India almost became a perfect society where people voluntary abstained from eating other living beings. It widened the intellectual horizon of the people making them kind, tolerant and accommodating. History is evident of this fact Jews, Moguls, British, etc were all accommodated. Except for the Jews and the Zoroastrians, others took advantage by misinterpreting their kindness and tolerance for an act of cowardliness even till this day.

Over thousands of years, many tempt have been made to eliminate the philosophy of Hinduism and Matangi culture. This made the philosophy to become dormant for some time. It has risen again like a phoenix from the ashes. Its self-healing and self-recovery powers have been tested. Even while the main philosophy was dormant, it spread in disguise in the form of Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc. It has become even stronger by incorporating the best of Islam, Christianity, and other religions. This is evident from the spiritual diversity and rich secularism of India.

India remains united in spite of extreme religious diversity. Matangi culture is one of the key drivers for this richness. The Matangi influence is also evident in Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for independence based on non-violence. The software success story is another pointer to the deep-rooted genetic influence of Matangi culture on the Indian psyche. India is today enjoying the fruits of its spiritual intelligence, the seeds of which were planted centuries ago.

The Hindus, Muslims, Christians and other religious groups in India will confirm they’re good destiny to be born an Indian. Hindu philosophy and its sub-systems such as Matangi have articulated the environment which makes the Muslims and Christians of India having a mindset different from their counterparts in the rest of the world. They are the best making India proud of them. The minor skirmishes and misunderstandings are the making and import of International political immaturity which have been tried and failed every time.

If world peace is on the priority agenda, the philosophical history of India provides a good role model example to make it happen. The material success without spiritual intelligence is like making a sky tower without a strong foundation. This will be the next biggest man-made disaster after global warming.
Since Matangi culture has been an important driver in achieving spiritual intelligence, its role and contribution have been invaluable.

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