Islam the Religion for all of Mankind


Religion is a personal choice for individuals and to suggest that one universal system of faith is right for the entire human race is pure folly; more so when religion is a state-sponsored ideology. By definition, faith is belief without proof yet it is a fact that with few exceptions Islamic countries enact laws to restrict or ban alternative religions, severely penalize anyone who chooses to reject Islam and discriminates against citizens who choose not to follow Islam. This is not faith, nor is it a religion for mankind.

Disunity within Islam

Another problem with consideration of universal Islam is the disunity within Islam itself. There is no universal agreement between the various sects and there are as many different interpretations of the Koran as there are scholars claiming to be experts. While it may be fair to say not all terrorists are Islamic it is certainly true that an overwhelming majority identify themselves as acting in the name of Islam. The growing frequency of suicide attacks does not make exempt men, women, and children regardless of their location, choice of faith or political affiliation. What most people usually overlook is the sad reality that most of the victims of these attacks are of the Islamic faith.

The worldwide expansion of Islam

The worldwide expansion of Islam from its inception in the seventh century was by conquest. Starting from the Arabian Peninsula, invading Islamic armies captured entire nations and offered four choices: Conversion, Execution, Enslavement or life as second-class citizens within their own land. This fourth option required the subdued to pay what amounts to a protection tax and it was done in a formal ceremony structured to humiliate those choosing not to convert to Islam. Laws exclude non-Islamic people from many jobs and women are forced to comply with the requirement to cover their heads irrespective of whether or not they choose Islam.

To argue for one universal religion is committing to a life of enslavement where restrictions on personal choices, freedom of expression and a stifling of innovation will lock the entire human race in stasis. Civilization and modern advancements happened through the centuries because of the thirst for knowledge and a human need to question, to seek out answers and to continually strive for improvement. Islam does not tolerate questioning or logical analysis of its doctrines; it requires total submission and blind faith.

Faith as an Element of Human Development

Faith is an important element of human development in terms of moral guidance and general principles of civilized behavior. Enforcing Islam above all other religious beliefs chokes diversity and will drag the human race back into a dark age of intolerance, barbaric practices, and ignorance. Faith by freedom of choice can be the only civilized way to ensure the future of the human race. Intolerance and terror that divide nations of the world today are not necessarily the sole domain of Islam however it cannot be denied that Islam above all other religions demands fanatical obedience and it’s devout followers demonstrate irrational hatred toward all others.

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