Judging sowing by the fruit that is reaped


It is generally understood in Christian circles that believers reap what they sow. People almost look at that as one would karma, the idea that you got what was coming to you, good or bad. If you stole something, then it’s fitting that something will be stolen from you. However, what if you look at this another way? What if you look at what you are reaping to determine what you have sown? What do your words and attitudes create in those around you? Are you reaping fear and anger? Or are you reaping peace and joy? Are you creating a stable well-balanced environment or a reactionary environment?

You sow in several different ways.

You sow by reproducing yourself into others by your words, disposition, and behavior. You also sow things into yourself by what you read, view and dwell upon. In both situations, these things will reap a harvest. These things ripen in you and in those you reproduce yourself into.

Therefore, you can gauge what you are sowing by the fruit you are reaping. It is difficult to see yourself from outside. You see in a mirror darkly. But you can see better when you look at the fruit that is outside.

Have you ever related negative information to someone and felt the heaviness upon the room? It’s like a quagmire of yuck. It sticks to you and weighs you down. Then someone comes in the room and tells a testimony of something amazing the Lord did and the weight lifts off and joy is seeded into the environment. The ways of the Lord bring a light that displaces the darkness.

This author experienced this one day when one lady was putting guilt on another lady for all the troubles in her life. Blame and ridicule were spewing from one person to the other. The weight on the receiver was tangible. Her posture slumped and her face was in turmoil. This observer spoke hope and life into the situation. The atmosphere changed, and the sower of negativity left the room quickly. Light dispelled the darkness.

What one sows has real tentacles that pull people into their distress.

Or when one sows the good things of heaven, it creates a tangible safety net of peace and safety. The atmosphere of heaven is pulled down to envelop those around them. People leave such a person with greater peace and joy than they had when they first began to fellowship with him or her. This is not something that can be faked by finding silver linings and employing positive thinking practices. One cannot sow what they do not have or know how to access.

This kind of stuff is powerful.

It is important to look at the fruits of both what you feed and what you dish out for others to receive. Fresh air, good soil, sunlight, and pure water will go far in creating a healthy tree, but contaminated air, soil, and water, mixed with darkness, will not produce a healthy tree. What are you sowing? What are you taking in and giving out? Watch those around you and how they are motivated toward love or fear, anxiety or peace, joy or despair and you can judge what you are sowing. Sow life and you will reap life. Sow death and you will reap (or more precisely, produce) death and destruction. Jesus came to bring life, so that all may have it more abundantly. He placed himself, his life, inside of each believer, and you have access to that unending reservoir of real life. When you live from that reality, his reality, it will show and you will sow life, and you will reap life in a myriad of ways.


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