Learning to live in the moment


This could be the day,

Many of us have heard other people say in one form, or another, ” live in the moment”, but what does this statement really mean?

To really live in the moment is the truest form of faith and inner security. It means that one has overcome fear, mistrust, and doubt to the point where one has accepted blindly that no matter how life is going to unfold in front of them. The perceived outcome to any event has a definite purpose and is always meant for the highest good. How many of us have this kind of unwavering trust in the process of life?

Lots of people say they have faith, but when put to the test, that faith falls terribly short. Usually what happens, is that the underdeveloped character kicks in, and the end result is fear, control, manipulation, and inner turmoil. This is the very nature of the human condition, but we do have a choice, and we can, if we choose, bring ourselves onto a different path.

In our society today, fear pervades from all around, and from within us from an early age. We are constantly being fed negativity, from countless sources, i.e. the media is one example, and another is simply gossip that belittles another’s character and reputation. Failed relationships of any kind, also add to the growing mistrustful, and paranoid population. All this mental pollution constantly coming at us empowers the darkest parts of human character, and emotions, until we are left with an entire civilization that is only out for themselves, no matter the cost to others.

And what is fear, other than a mixture of poor understanding, and self-doubt?

A rudimentary form of fear dates all the way back to our beginnings as a sentient race. This basic survival type of fear proved quite useful, by keeping primitive humans alert to predatory threats, thereby increasing their chances to live, and procreate. However, deep unfounded fear actually damages the decision-making process, and over-shadows all reasoning; the result is a mind that never operates in the present time.

So why is this day so important?

Opportunities for success and advancement can be recognized and acted upon when the mind is freed from the burdens of the past, and the worries of the future. It is in this day that real change can occur in our attitudes, thus transforming our lives. The past cannot be changed, and the future has not happened yet, so the only time for any positive action is this day.

This could be the day when inner peace is understood, and adopted in our lives. This could be the day when a new friend is made or the love of our life steps into view. This could be the day that our growth is so profound; we are lifted to a higher understanding of a source of limitless energy that has absolutely no concept yesterday, or tomorrow.

The God state of never trying to hold onto to any event, positive, or negative.

It simply experiences the moments and assimilates them as a part of its journey. This state of being is within human grasp. But as said above faith, and trust is the only ways to get to this joy as a concept of living.

Joy, and gratitude for every stupid word from our mouths, every tear, every smile, and every laugh”Thank you” for the experience! No worries, it all comes full circle, and it all comes out in the wash. No matter how hard we try to knowingly, or unknowingly make our lives as difficult as possible, the light inside will always lead us back to where we came from. To a place where we existed as a perfect form of life in every way, guaranteed!

Re-connection to spirit

The end result of our journey (if there is an end) is re-connection to spirit, no matter how badly we have treated ourselves, or others. But for those who have bothered to make positive use of their free will, and grow themselves. They will cast off the chains of the human desire to suffer, and their journey will be far more fruitful, and rewarding.

We have all heard “live in the moment ” but this could be the day that all that spiritual jargon really hits home!

Planets eventually die, stars eventually burn out, but love and the human spirit lasts forever.

May this day of yours be filled with moments of truth, trust, faith, joy, and gratitude!

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