Leo and Scorpio compatibility

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Scorpio and Leo compatibility

The love match between Leo and Scorpio is challenging. It is bit difficult for this couple to maintain a long lasting relation. Both the partners are loyal in the relation and stubborn too.  They fight for the hold on the relation which is the reason for cracks in their relation most of the times. Leo and Scorpio are very powerful personalities. The emotional connection between the partners draws them together.

The initial attraction between the zodiac signs is just like any complementary elements, it is very big. The most important things that help this couple to enjoy a happy relation is intensity of feelings and sexual relationship. Both the partners are very dominant in nature and crave to take hold of the relation. Leo and Scorpio are competitive to each other and aggressive at times. They move to in depth arguments and challenge each other either for good or worse.

The best part of their relation is neither of the partners will get bored of other in their relation. Leo’s egoistic and impulsive nature may hurt Scorpio at times but of them have good understanding about ins and outs of others. On the whole,Leo will be ultimate force in Scorpio’s eyes. When the relation is deeply attached, Leo makes Scorpio feel incredible and Scorpio will return the respect that is craved by Leo in the relation.

On the whole, both should learn to take extra care in the relation and focus on how to treat and love each other.

Friendship between Leo and Scorpio

Friendship between Leo and Scorpio is right combination. The two star signs can form powerful and possessive relation. They are very good at understanding the needs of the others and easily offer the friend’s craving in the relation. However both the friends want to be the leader in the relation and this can be a reason of disconnection in the relation. However, if both the friends keep their egos aside and give high priority the friendship, these disputes will not play a major role in the relation. Both the friends have good loyalty towards their relation. Their commitment in fulfilling the goals makes their friendship stronger.

Leo man and Scorpio woman

Leo man is passionate about luxurious living. Scorpio women never care about this show- off of Leo man but will be more devoted towards the relation when Leo shows more care and affection. Both the partners are stubborn and neither of them would love to compromise. Scorpio woman is fascinated with Leo fearless personality whereas honesty and devotion are that important aspects for Leo. On the whole, the match between the two is not advisable.

Leo women and Scorpio man

Scorpio man’s over demanding nature is never tolerated by Leo woman and they will always wander for   love in the relation. The match between these two is not compatible.  There will be disputes in the relation due anger of Scorpio man. Though Scorpio man admires the love of Leo women, he will get offended when he comes to know it is show-off.

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