Magic as Compared to Prayer


I have never really seen much difference between magic and prayer. I grew up in a common Christian family, and I really don’t see the difference between magic and prayer. However, I’m not exactly Christian. I practice a little bit of everything as a Universal Life Reverend.

Magic and Prayer?…

There are some compurgatorial differences, but also some similarities.

Magic with a c is sleight of hand and mysticism (illusions). Magik with a k not a c is the use of many different things; mostly it is the preparations of asking of the deity or deities for help and guidance in bringing something about. When people hear the word magik, they start picturing people conjuring demons, making sacrifices, devil-worshipping, and other such ludicrous stuff that they see on TV brought to them by filmmakers. Magik is only scary to people because they don’t take time to understand it and/or don’t want to. Levitation, astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis, etc (ESP in general) are not exactly magik even though they are used in the process of magikal use, they are scientific anomalies that are spoken of in psychology books and being studied on and off by Universities. ESP could possibly be explained by quantum physics and astrophysics. So what is so scary about it?

The question should be more or less spell casting compared to prayer

Spellcasting is when the Wiccan or Witch opens the portal to speak with the spirits using the wand or asthmas. Prayer occurs with the Christian on bended knee, bowed head, or some form of showing reverence to the Creator. While the Christian shows reverence to the Creator, they will normally make a request of the Creator and give thanks to the things that the Creator has bestowed upon them in the past.

The Wiccan also show reverence using spell casting to show reverence to their deity/deities/Creator. They use the circle for protection the star represents the perfect body. They use asthma to open the portal much like the Christians use the folded hands and bowed hands to open the passage to the Divine. Sometimes the Christians, Witches, Wiccans, and other pagans get what they ask for despite the form of reverence they have chosen. Wiccan or Witch spells are sometimes believed to work more than not stirring Christian children away from their normal traditions. The sacrifice is normally energy from a candle, from a bonfire, or of your self. Wiccan Rede: Do As You Will As Long As It Harms None (means that they are not allowed to do harm to anyone or anything physically, mentally, or spiritually). So normally you will not see Wiccans doing harm to anything. If you do, they are not real Wiccans. The fact, however, is that most religious forms of worship work about the same even if performed in different ways.

It is only called magic when Witches or Wiccans get what they want

It is called a blessing when Christian get what they want. There is no difference, except in the way the requests are made and possibly to whom (given the fact not all people use the same name for the same entity/deity or believe the entity/deity to be of the same gender or appearance as the other person’s belief).

It is most likely a good safe bet that we all pray to the same deity regardless of what we think it should or should not look like. It may be that the Christians fear Wiccans, Witches, and other pagans because they fear they may be blessed more than Christians at times. Maybe not. There are many people who believe Witches or Wiccans are devil worshipers. However, Witches and Wiccans don’t believe in the Devil. They can’t be held accountable for their beliefs being different from that of the Christian and can’t be expected to believe the same ways as religions that aren’t their own. It is also safe to say that Witches and Wiccans are neither blessed harder nor have they cursed souls for how they worship.

People from all different religions despite their differences undergo as just as many trials as their neighbors who may worship under a different religion. Most religions believe that the more virtuous your life is, the more the spirits have to test you to prove your worth of such gifts. In believing this and understanding this, it also has to be believed that it doesn’t matter what religion you choose as your own, it is how you treat others that determines how your spells and prayers will be answered. It is also extremely important to be thankful for the gifts that you receive and that you should look less at how much more others have received. A humble and giving heart is a happy heart and less fearful one at that. If someone has more than you, it isn’t because they are Christian, because they are praying more or less or using spells. It is because they deserve it, worked harder for it. It may seem unfair, but it is faith that gets us through. Maybe the fact that you don’t have everything you want is a test of strength and faith. It may be that you are meant for something more come the next life.

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