Moonbeams And Birthstones

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Mystic Moonstone

Hindu mythology reveals that Moonstone, being one of the June birthstones, is believed to be made up of solidified moonbeams. When one looks at a moonstone and sees how beautifully light is reflected through it, you can easily see why this might seem true. Many also believe that a moonstone changes as the actual moon moves through its various lunar phases. This gorgeous stone has a mesmerizing effect when its adularescence gives off a blue-white sheen as the stone moves. Moonstone hails from India and is still held in high esteem as being the bearer of good fortune. When you look at a full moon, it comes across as having a mystical appearance and this same mysticism is reflected in the moonstone as well.

Color Of Moonstone

Moonstone is colorless to pale yellow in color and is unlike any other stone in the way it reflects the light. Some have blue tinges giving it a more serene appearance. Today far more value is placed on this June birthstone if the stone is transparent with blue tinges. Then you also have the cat eye and star moonstones. These are also valuable depending on the size of the cat eye and star that is reflected in the stone.

Symbolism Of The Pearl

There are many mystical believes attached to the moonstone, more so than many other gems on the market today. Some believe it to be sacred; others believe it is a symbol of fertility. Even more believe that it is a gem that will bring one feelings of calmness and peace. This stone has also been known to be worn by travelers to ensure safety while traveling. There is no hard and fast rule to wearing a moonstone. Whether it is the beauty that intrigues you or if you believe in the power of magic then this is the stone to wear. Now for those that want to give the moonstone as a gift of love, this June birthstone is believed to arouse passion and if worn by both of you could have the ability to foretell your future life together. These gems are meant to have the most power when the moon is full so for the lovers out there, full moon might just be the right time to give your gift to the one you love.

Moonstone Popularity

Mystical or not, there is no doubt that this gem is intriguing, beautiful, mystical in appearance, alluring and delicate and will most definitely make for a good topic of conversation where ever you go. From India, Brazil, Burma and Madagascar and the U.S., these gems are becoming more popular as the New Age movement grows. This is the perfect gift since it changes as you move and is never quite the same no matter where or when you wear it. This stone was very popular with the “flower children” in the 1960’s as well as jewelry designers during the Art Nouveau era. It was the ethereal appearance of the moonstone that attracted the “flower children” to it in the first place..

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