June Birthstone – Pearl – Gemini


Moonstone has for long been accepted as the birthstone of June. In the modern list, it shares this duty with Pearl and Alexandrite. June birthstones,Pearls, are the only birthstones created by living organisms. When an irritant, such as a piece of grit, enters the body of the shellfish, the animal coats the grit with layers of nacre (aragonite), which is a form of mother-of-pearl, the iridescent surface found inside shells. Pearl is also unique inasmuch as it is probably the only gem material that can be utilized in jewelry immediately upon finding one. All other gems need to be fashioned and polished, however crudely, before they are set in jewelry. Care of pearls is very important. Pearls can be easily discolored from skin oils. Properly strung pearls will have a knot between each pearl to keep them from rubbing together. The cultured pearl can be damaged by excessive wear that exposes the non-gem nucleus.

Enter The Realm Of The June Birthstone Trio! Those born in the month of June have three very unique and exquisite gems as their birthstone; Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone. Each gem complements and enhances the nature of the June- born in various ways with its distinctive qualities.

June Birthstone Meaning, Significance and Symbolism

June Birthstone Trio
Alexandrite is the most recently discovered among the three birthstones, while Pearl and Moonstone have been in use for centuries. Pearl is the only gem that is organic in nature; occurring in certain living mollusk shells and at times is considered to be as precious as diamonds, emeralds and rubies! Pearl signifies faithfulness, friendship and loyalty; and considered a symbol of purity, chastity and modesty while Alexandrite is associated with good omens and good luck. In fact, Alexandrite is believed to strengthen the intuition and creativity of the wearer and creates a balance between the physical and spiritual world. Moonstone, the third June birthstone signifies longevity and good health and is a talisman for safe travel.

Gemini Birthstone

GeminiGemini’s secret desire is to be always ahead of the crowd. They are intense and explorative, perceived as excellent communicators who search for new experiences. Their life pursuit involves exploring a little bit of everything. They are terminally curious and at times mischievous with multi-faced souls that enjoy knowing a little bit of everything but not too much.

When the Gemini wears pearls, an ease at being two people in one fills you with a sense of calm.

Interesting Facts About The June Birthstones

In ancient Greece, pearls were thought to be formed when the tears of joy that fell from the eyes of goddess Aphrodite hardened. The June birthstone was widely used to prepare medicines in Europe, Persia and China and was believed to be a cure for insanity.

Alexandrite is thought to heighten the intuitive capacity to such an extent that the wearer may often be able to predict an event.

Moonstone is a very sacred stone in India, and this gem is believed to house a spirit that brings good fortune.History and Mystical Properties of Moonstone Gem.

Characteristics Of The June Birthstone


Pearls have a beautiful natural luster and its translucence make it one of the most favored gems. Pearls occur in a variety of colors which depend on the type of clam or oyster that produced it as well as the environment it was produced in. Apart from the time-honored milky- white hue, pearls are also available in silver, cream color, white, green, lavender, black, blue and golden shades.

Alexandrite has exotic green shades in daylight but an original one will change to a reddish purple color when held under incandescent light.

The shimmering Moonstone occurs naturally in shades of peach, blue, green and champagne.


The best natural pearls are sourced from islands in the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf and Sri Lanka. Japan is well- known for cultured pearls. Sri Lanka produces the best Moonstone, followed by India.  This gemstone is also found in Madagascar, Myanmar, United States and Australia. Alexandrite is mainly sourced from Russia, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

Healing Power Of The June Birthstone

Pearls are considered to be very effective in treating health issues related to the stomach, heart and spleen. It calms the mind and prevents hysteria, promoting mental stability.

Alexandrite has extremely calming properties and balances the emotional state of the wearer. It is especially helpful to balance the functioning of the circulatory system.

Moonstone serves to balance the digestive system and purges the body of toxins. This stone is excellent to balance the hormonal functions and is beneficial for women during pregnancy and childbirth. This June birthstone also enhances the emotional balance of the wearer. The Rarity Of The June Birthstone – Alexandrite

Etymology Of The June Birthstone

The word Pearl is derived from the French ‘Perle’. This in turn has its origins in the Latin word ‘Perna’ which means leg; as the shells in which pearls form have a shape similar to a ham or mutton- leg. Six Thousand Years Of Adornment.

The other June birthstone, Alexandrite was discovered in Russia during the reign of Tsar Alexander II in 1831, who had ascended the throne barely a fortnight before this stone was found. The new- found gem was named after this ruler to commemorate this occasion. Moonbeams And Birthstones.

Pliny, one of the most renowned natural historians in Roman times believed that the appearance of Moonstone changed with the phases of the moon, and thus this gem began to be known by the same name ever since. The Beauty Born In The Russian Urals.

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Scientific Make up – Composition of Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone

Pearls are composed of aragonite which is a mineral of calcium carbonate and are formed inside specific types of clams and oysters which could be fresh- water or marine. When a tiny grain of sand or any such irritant enters the issue of the clam or oyster, the mollusk begins to cover the foreign particle with a secretion. Natural pearls are more or less oblong or spherical in shape and highly- prized.

Alexandrite on the other hand, is inorganic and is a type of chrysoberyl. It is composed of beryllium, oxygen and aluminum and is one of the hardest gemstones after diamond, sapphire and ruby. The exquisite green hues of this June gemstone is due amounts of chromium.

Moonstone consists of albite and orthoclase, two types of naturally occurring feldspar. These two types stack up naturally in alternating layers during the formation moonstone. When light falls between these slim layers, they scatter into a multitude of directions; giving rise to a beautiful play of light reflections appearing to float on the surface, a phenomenon unique to this June birthstone.

Value Of The June Birthstone

Alexandrite is valued based on the extent of color change, cut and clarity, and a finely cut Alexandrite can be as expensive as a high- quality diamond. The value of Pearls depends on whether it is natural or cultured; its size, shape, color and luster. Pearls that have an even texture and are free of flaws on the surface are preferred. For Moonstone, an intense color and high transparency indicate a superior quality.

The stunning June gems; Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone are also associated with the star sign of Cancer. These gemstones not only add an exotic touch to jewelry but also enhance the sense of well- being and stability of the wearer.

Crystal Structure: orthorhombic
Chemical Composition: Aragonite ( calcium carbonate ) platelets held together by conchiolin
Hardness: 2.4 – 4.5 MOHs
Refractive Index: 1.53-1.69
Colors: white with pink tones, tan, yellow, brown, gray, black with a purple or green luster

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