May Birthstone – Emerald – Taurus


Emerald, the green beauty of the gem world, is the May birthstone.
This beryl with traces of chromium, is said to increase both intelligence and strength of heart. Cleopatra was a great fan of emerald and so were the moghuls of India.Fine emeralds are probably among the rarest of gems. They are probably rarer than fine diamonds

Discover Exquisite Emerald: The May Birthstone

May Birthstone Meaning, Significance and Symbolism Of Emerald

Emerald, often coveted by royalty since time immemorial, is the birthstone for those born in the month of May. Its shimmering hues of green symbolize renewal of life and revitalization, akin to the verdant hues of the Spring season that reaches its peak in the month of May. Emerald is also considered to represent loyalty, friendship and faithfulness. Since ancient times, it has been believed to bestow the wearer with prosperity, foresight and good health and increases ones’ intuitive capabilities. This regal May birthstone also signifies patience and wisdom. For those born in the month of May, wearing emeralds helps to enhance and balance their energies and this gemstone grants its wearer happiness.

Taurus Birthstone

TaurusThey are determined and sensual, and their element is earth. Taurus can be mostly mistaken as withdrawn or boring while in the real sense; they are calm and discreet. Their desire is to have a secure, happy and wealthy life and marriage. Their life pursuit is emotional and financial security. They have a well-earned reputation of being socializers who let others get so close, as close as they want them.

When a Tarus wears an emerald, your natural sensitivity will mix better with your deep selectivity.

Interesting Facts About The Emerald

The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra had a deep admiration and fascination for the Emerald and it was her most adored gemstones. She in fact claimed ownership of all the Emerald mines in Egypt during her reign.

Venus, the Roman goddess of Love was associated with this gemstone since ancient Romans believed that the Emerald embodied all the qualities of Venus; beauty, fertility and goodness. Similarly, ancient Greeks wore this green gem in honour of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess who represents fertility, love and beauty.

Emeralds were used by Egyptian monarchs and these gemstones were  buried with the dead in their tombs too. There is evidence of Emerald mines in Egypt dating back to 1300 BC, much before the birth of Cleopatra!

The Muzo Indians of Columbia had well- hidden Emerald mines since 500 AD and the Spanish Conquistadors took close to twenty years to locate them.

The healing power of Emerald was thought to ward off epileptic fits, cure fever and stomach ailments and put a stop to bleeding. Moreover, this stone is said to guard the one who wears it from panic.

Etymology Of The May Birthstone

The Emerald gets its name from the French ‘Esmeraude’ and the Middle English word of ‘Emeraude’. Both these words have their origin in ‘Smargadus’ a Latin word derived from the Greek ‘Smargados’ which means ‘green gem’. The Beauty Of Nature As Seen In The May Birthstone 

Scientific Make up – Composition of Emerald, the May Birthstone

The May birthstone consists primarily of the mineral Beryl and is made up of Beryllium, Aluminum, Oxygen and Silicon. This is known in chemical terms as Beryllium Aluminum Silicate.  The beautiful green hues of the Emerald are attributed to Chromium and Vanadium, present in trace amounts during the formation of this stone. The Emerald structure is a little fragile and chips easily while carving facets. Over the years, a special cut known as the ‘Emerald Cut’ was developed to maintain the integrity of the Emerald crystal and reduce any kind of stress that may cause chipping. This cut has a typical rectangular shape with facets to bring out the true beauty of this gemstone. Gemstones That Set The Eyes A Twinkling.

Characteristics Of The May Birthstone


The color of this gemstone ranges from a light green hues to gorgeous deep green ones. It is believed that Chromium and Vanadium replace Aluminum in some part of the crystal structure and this is what gives the Emerald its tint. Emeralds are sensitive and may lose their natural color is heated too strongly. Emeralds have natural inclusions, even the ones of superior quality. In fact, Emeralds without any inclusions are suspect and may even be artificial.

Most people have known Emeralds in shades of green; however, naturally occurring red emeralds do exist and are considered to be extremely rare.  Being difficult to find, jewelry made of red emeralds are very highly priced.


The best qualities of the May birthstone are found in the mines of Columbia, which also yield the highest quantity of Emerald. These green beauties are also mined in the Ural mountains of Russia, Zambia, India, Madagascar, Norway, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia and United States Of America.

Healing Power Of The May Birthstone

The May birthstone has excellent healing properties especially for health problems associated with the eyes, spine, and fertility. The soothing properties of this green gem are believed to have a stabilizing effect on the mind and used to dispel insomnia and unknown fears, avert nightmares and also combats mood swings and schizophrenia. Emerald is also used also to fortify the immune and circulatory system. The healing power of Emerald was thought to ward off epileptic fits, cure fever and stomach ailments and put a stop to bleeding. Moreover, this stone is said to guard the one who wears it from panic.

Value Of The Emerald

The 4 C’s: Color, Cut, Clarity and Crystal are the parameters used to grade and value the stunning Emerald. ‘Color’ is the most important parameter for emeralds and the next important one is ‘Crystal’, which implies the transparency. A superior quality Emerald has to possess not only a luxuriant green shade but also a high level of transparency.

The exquisite green hues of the Emerald are a delight for the senses, and this precious gem gives the wearer a sense of well- being. This gem is also associated with the star sign of ‘Taurus’. The May birthstone is used extensively in fine jewelry and is an ideal gift to express faith and lasting love.

Crystal Structure: hexagonal
Chemical Composition: Beryl – silicate of Beryllium and Aluminum Al2Be3(Si6O18)
Hardness: 7.5 to 8 MOHS
Refractive Index: 1.57 to 1.60
Colors: light to dark green

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