Taking The Sparkle To New Heights


Diamonds sparkle and glint in any light and are loved by millions of women around the world. The day a diamond ring is placed on your finger your whole world changes and you feel complete. The diamond, amazing and special birthstone for the month of April, is admired by all but how many people actually realize how much work goes into forming the sparkling diamond you are wearing? A diamond undergoes many processes from the time it is extracted from the earth until the time it goes on display in a jewelry shop and is often displayed as the birthstone for April.

The Process Of Cutting A Diamond

Many hours are spent first examining the gem in its raw state. The cutter takes several weeks to closely inspect, what is called the “inner life” of the gem so that he knows the exact structure of this gem as well as where all the inclusions are. This is all done by means of magnification enabling the cutter to bring out the best qualities of that particular diamond. The second process is the sawing process and as the word describes, this is where the diamond is actually cut by means of a specialized saw. Since the diamond is the hardest gem stone it makes sense that a diamond will be cut with another diamond. A diamond saw disc is made from alloys such as copper or bronze and has diamond dust infused into it. The bruting or girdling stage and is where the diamond gets its shape by means of two diamonds being ground against each other. Some diamonds undergo a simple grinding stage if they are not being given the double cone of the brilliant shape before polishing can begin. This stage is far more intricate that simply wiping it with a cloth to bring out the shine. Since this is a creative task only those with great experience are given the task.

Diamond Gifts

If your birthday happens to fall in the month of April then you have a good excuse to ask for a diamond since the diamond is the traditional as well as the modern birthstone for April. You can choose from rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, nose rings as many more objects that are made out of diamonds.

Best Known Diamonds

Some of the best known diamonds have been found in South Africa with the most famous one being the Cullinan Diamond that takes pride of place in the crown jewels. This diamond is the largest one ever found with 3106 carats.

Color and Versatility Of Diamonds

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not only colorless but yellow and brown ones have been found as well. There have been green and blue ones found but these are extremely rare. Famous color diamonds include the Hope diamond and the Dresden diamond. The diamond is very hard, can be shaped into various shapes and is most famous for what is called the brilliant cut. The brilliant cut was developed in around 1910 has many facets and brings out the perfection of any diamond.

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