Diamonds Are The Truly Special April Birthstone

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It is a well known fact that for years diamonds, as the birthstone for April, have been a “girl’s best friend”, but have you ever wondered why diamonds are so expensive? The average person might think that to buy a diamond costs a lot of money but when you see the amount of work that it takes to take a diamond from a rough rock to the gorgeous diamond that you buy, and then you will understand why they cost so much. A diamond cutter spends days examining the rock before he even lifts his cutting tools, looking for the best attributes that will make the diamond look its best. Then it is time to draw the best designs that will incorporate all the best attributes. The cutting process also takes some time as it is done in stages, removing pieces little by little until the best shape and look has been achieved. This process can take weeks but the end product is usually beautiful. Onto the polishing stage and this is where the final beauty of the stone is brought out and the part that fascinates us the most.

Traditionally a diamond ring is bought and given when a man declares his love for a woman and asks her for her hand in marriage. The diamond can be given for any occasion like diamond cufflinks as a graduation gift or earrings for an anniversary and is often given as a birthday gift since it is the April birthstone. Most people know diamonds as being relatively colorless but in actual fact they come in a variety of colors. They are often referred to as being fancy and because they are rare they also come at quite a hefty price. Many people are not aware that you can get color diamonds. One out of 10000 diamonds is a color diamond so this should give you an indication of how rare they actually are. So if you are in possession of a color diamond then you are one of a very privileged few in possession of a rare April birthstone.

Now just because your birthday does not fall into the month of April does not mean that you cannot have the April birthstone set into a magnificent piece of jewelry for our self. The diamond is so versatile and durable that it can be used in just about anything. Diamonds are cut by other diamonds, are used in cutting tools, as jewelry in various shapes and sizes and are often used to compliment other gem stones. Just about any other gemstone looks good surrounded by diamonds. No matter the size of the diamond you wear, it has the most amazing ability to make you feel like a million dollars. As the April birthstone, the diamond is not only the hardest gemstone but is also one of the most sought after gems today. Anybody can also wear diamonds from royalty to the average man on the street the only difference is what size of diamond you can afford.

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