Let The Sun Shine Through With Daffodils


Synonymous with spring and the rebirthing of nature, the daffodil is unique in appearance while its bright yellow color conjures up images of bright sunshine that comes at springtime. Although they make their appearance in the color white as well, the yellow daffodil is the most common color. Many outdoor daffodils make their appearance and bloom in March which makes this flower the ideal one as the birth flower for March.

The Legend Of The Daffodil

It is said that the daffodil otherwise known as the Narcissus gained its name from a Greek god called Narcissus. According to legend, Narcissus was an egotistical god that fell in love with himself when he saw his reflection in a pool of water. He was so captivated by his own reflection that he met his doom in that selfsame pool when he fell in and drowned. The other gods planted daffodils along the water’s edge to honor his memory and it is for this reason that daffodils in bloom will always be associated with vanity.

Symbolism, Significance And Meaning

The daffodil has long been a symbol of wealth which originated in the early 1600’s in England. At the time daffodils grew wild but thanks to the Tulips and their rise to fame, daffodils were soon a sought after bulb that gardeners wanted in their own gardens. As its popularity grew, so did its symbolism of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that if you are the first to see a daffodil bloom in whales, you will have a year filled with wealth. In China similar symbolism is thought to bring wealth however it is not the first one to see a daffodil bloom but rather if you are able to force a daffodil to bloom on the Chinese New year then you will have 12 months that herald good fortune. If you give a gift of daffodils in the hopes of bestowing the promise of wealth then make sure that you give a bunch of daffodils as a single stalk is sure to bring the opposite. In England, the daffodil is often referred to as the “Lent Lily” because they have long been associated with Lent. Throughout the world the daffodil not only symbolizes the end of winter and long cold months but is the forerunner to the rekindling of love and a lucky token for prosperity.

Additional Information

The daffodil is not only the birth flower for March but has become the national symbol of Wales and is also given as a gift for a tenth wedding anniversary.

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