April Birthstone – Diamond – Aries


Diamond, the April birthstone, needs no explanation. The hardest mineral found on Earth, the diamond is also one of the most treasured of gems. It is made of pure carbon formed under very high pressure underground. Although diamond is the most popular and discussed gemstone, it has been in use for a shorter time than any of the other gems that are commonly used in modern times. The reason for this is because lapidaries did not learn to fashion diamond until about the 15th Century when it was discovered that one diamond would abrade another.

Celebrate The Unchanging, The Unyielding And The Eternal With The April Birthstone – The Diamond!

The Diamond, the Forever Stone, the symbol of Eternity, every girl’s Best Friend,  is the gemstone of those born in April. Oddly enough, the symbol of eternal love is not associated with the Valentine month, as one would expect, but its the birthstone of the lucky few born two months after. The most precious gem in the world, also a symbol of romance, allure and sensuality is in April’s realm, coveted by the world for its enduring beauty, lasting quality and unparalleled brilliance!

Aries Birthstone

AriesAries element is fire and they have a desire to lead the way for others. They are enthusiasts and outgoing, adventurous and independent. Aries can overcome challenges that face their way. Their faith in life and the future remains untouched by hardship. Together with being independent, outgoing and assertive, they are also surprisingly trusting. No matter what upheaval and challenges they face, they have an incredible ability to bounce back.

Wearing a diamond provides clarity as you make your way forward without necessarily looking.

April Birthstone – Meaning, Significance And Symbolism

The diamond is perhaps the most explored gemstone in the world, with gemologists, miners, consumers and wearers studying its qualities to duplicate and enhance this natural wonder. The diamond has long been associated with love, bonding, relationships, commitments and loyalty. A gemstone of lover’s, the diamond has been used in the creation of exquisite engagement rings and jewelry since the times of old.  This gemstone is believed to bestow balance, clarity and abundance on the wearer, we well as bring wealth, health and happiness to the home of its bearer.

The ancient Hindus believed that diamonds were created by lightning bolts that struck the Earth. Greek legend entails that diamonds are the tears of the Gods, star splinters and crystallized lightening. The stone is said to represent faith, loyalty, honesty, purity, love and innocence and bestow on the wearer peace and fulfilling relationships. The world’s most precious gem is said to inspire creativity in individuals and bring its owner protection, wealth and happiness.

Ancient scriptures refer to the ‘Colorless Stone’ as the harbinger of love, strength and endurance. The lofty qualities attributed to the stone are a reflection and a tribute to the character of the gemstone. The April birthstone is the hardest known mineral on Earth, has unmatched brilliance, very little inclusion and is clear and transparent, reflecting many of the prized virtues in men and women. The stone was a symbol of endurance, resilience and courage in ancient times, with Kings and warriors wearing the stone into battle as a talisman against defeat, death, Devils, Phantoms and Poisoning.

Interesting Facts About the April Birthstone

Many tales and myths, legends and stories wind their way around the eternal April birthstone. The ancient Greeks believed that the intense fire that burns when a diamond is created reflects the quality of eternal love.

The custom of gifting one’s fiancee a diamond began with the Archduke Maximilian of Austria who presented his Lady, Mary of Burgundy a beautiful diamond ring.

While the gemstones have long been accorded the highest honor, diamonds have also been used in cutting tools and drilling tips to carve, cut and shape other precious stones. The hardness of this stone has inspired a famous adage, ‘Diamond Cuts Diamond’.

The April birthstone was first mined in India, the land of the opulent Moghul leaders and populous Imperial Colony. Alluvial deposits ensconced the stones gently in their bowels along the Penner, Godavari and Krishna rivers. Diamonds have been used, praised and revered in India for over three thousand years. Diamonds Are The Truly Special April Birthstone

Etymology Of The April Birthstone

The name ‘Diamond’ is derived from the ancient Greek world adámas, for ‘proper’, ‘unbreakable’, ‘unalterable’, ‘invincible’ or ‘untamed’, reflecting its unyielding quality and endurance.

Scientific Make Up – Composition Of The April Birthstone

Diamonds are found naturally as crystallized carbon. They are formed deep in the bowels of the Earth where the pressure is 65,000 times that of the pressure on the Earth’s surface, with temperatures exceeding 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Diamonds have also been found inside meteorites craters on the Earth’s surface. Diamonds also have high optical dispersion, allowing the stone to disperse a spectrum of different colors.

Characteristics Of The April Birthstone

The diamond is a precious stone with unmatched brilliance, unbreakable hardness and lovely optical dispersion. The uncut, raw stones found naturally are cut, polished and fashioned into crystals to create exquisite jewelry items with an array of facets to increase its brilliance.

Diamonds should not be worn while working with harsh chemicals or in swimming pools and bath tubs.

Of Pinks and Yellows, Tints And Hues – Colors Of The April Birthstone

Diamonds are traditionally colorless or white. This is the most desired state of the stone and also the rarest.  Because of the way Diamonds form from gases underground, it is rare for them not to be cloudy or have a tint of yellow or brown.  Colorless diamonds are the cleanest and sparkle the most which is what most people prefer.  However, there are other tints such as faint pink or yellow hue. A strong tinted diamond with a even tint and good clarity is even more rare and also desirable.

Artificial colors are introduced in the diamond in laboratories, called color-treated diamonds.

Origin Of The April Birthstone

South Africa is the highest exporter of diamonds followed by Australia, Thailand, China, Borneo, Russia, Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Owing to the demand for diamonds, there have been many illegal mining activities and laundering of these stones in the Third-World countries.

Consumers worldwide are now being petitioned to purchase diamonds with care to ensure they are not inadvertently fueling civil war by purchasing illegal stones. Taking The Sparkle To New Heights.


Healing Powers of the April Birthstone

The April birthstone, the diamond is believed to be effective for health problems like curing brain diseases, disorders caused by the pituitary gland and drawing out toxins from wounds.

Spiritually, the stone is believed to create positive energy in an individual and interact with positive forces of other stones to enhance the quality of the wearer’s life.

Value Of The Diamond

The forever stone is the most precious gem in the world today. The diamond is measured in Carats and its quality depends on four parameters. Carat weight, color, clarity and cut. Depending on these factors, diamonds can range from a few thousands to a million dollars!

April born individuals are blessed by the world’s most precious gemstone resource, the Diamond, and are bestowed a healthy, prosperous life by its protective, sterling qualities and attributes.

Crystal Structure: isometric
Chemical Composition: Carbon
Hardness: 10 MOHS
Refractive Index: 2.417
Colors: colorless, yellow, black, red, green, purple, blue, pink

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