What Exactly Is A Heliotrope?


Common Name For Heliotrope

March Birthstone HeliotropeHeliotrope, to some, might sound like some prehistoric animal but is, in actual fact, a gemstone found in quartz beds. This gem is also known as the Bloodstone and is the second birthstone for the month of March on the traditional birthstone listing. As the name bloodstone describes, there are spots on this green colored stone that makes it look like it has blood droplets spattered over its surface. These “blood” spots are formed by iron oxide impurities while the main color of this gem is solid green. Some stones may look like they are darker green in places and this caused by the density of the Chlorite inclusions found in the stone.

Beliefs And Symbolism

There are many varying stories regarding the meaning of this March birthstone but it remains up to you which one of the stories has the most significance for you. Many believe that the bloodstone was the stone of martyrs since historical seals and symbols depicted martyrdom. The most famous of these is the carving of German Emperor, Rudolf II’s seal that his currently housed in the Louvre museum in Paris, France. Others believe that the bloodstone was created by the blood of Jesus Christ when his blood fell onto the green Jasper stone beneath his cross. His shed blood forever staining the jasper and thus the name Blood Jasper was derived from this event.

Mystic Beliefs Of Heliotrope Bloodstone

This gemstone must be one of the most unique in appearance of all the gemstones and in beading circles around the world, this stone has lead to many unusual yet magnificent jewelry designs not only as designs for the birthstone of March. The bloodstone has inspired many creative designs that accentuate the magical appearance of the red spots. This magical appearance has led many people from ancient times to believe that the heliotrope had magical powers too. It was believed that hemorrhages could be healed by simply holding a Heliotrope and was often worm around the necks of warriors during battle to be on hand to stop bleeding if they were injured. This stone was also held in great esteem for other healing powers such as for healing tumors, removal of poison after a poisonous snake bite and for the easing of a broken heart. There are many believers out there that have experienced enhanced creativity, revitalization and many more through this gemstone.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this truly is a gemstone that deserves to be one of the March birthstones and can take its rightful place as being a very unique and intriguing stone. If you wear it for its awesome and unusual beauty or believe it has powers the Heliotrope or bloodstone surely will find a place in your home. This stone is one of very few that is not treated, heated or enhanced in any way to transform the gem. Basically, what you see is what has come out of the ground, just cut and polished.

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