Calmness Of The Sea As Seen In An Aquamarine


Naming Of The Aquamarine

As the word aquamarine describes, it comes from the words aqua which means “water” and the word marine which means “sea.” It is said to have been named Aquamarine from the Latin phrase “water of the sea.” This alluring gem stone is attractive and what makes it even more attractive is the affordability of this stone.

Color And Class Of Aquamarine

Have you ever looked at the sea and wondered what it is that makes it so attractive? You only have to take a glance at pictures of tropical seas to feel the pull of the calming hues of blues and greens. It is no wonder that those born in March love the serene qualities that the March birthstone, Aquamarine, holds. Generally, the lighter the colour, the more commonly available it is and therefore more affordable as well. Deeper hues of this blue-green stone are less common which then also increases the value of the stone. These gems are classified under the mineral class of Beryl and the Aquamarine is also flawless in comparison to Emeralds that also hail from the Beryl mineral class.

Treatment And Make up

As with many of the gemstones that are available today, many undergo heat treatments to improve the color changing it from a lighter to a darker intensity of color. Aquamarines in their natural state are greener in color and only look bluer once they have undergone the heat treatment process. The two impurities that give the color are chromium and vanadium while the blue hue comes from the impurities of iron.

Famous Aquamarines

One of the largest aquamarine crystals mined comes from Brazil. To give you an indication of the size of the original aquamarine that broke into three pieces accidentally, the largest piece was approximately 2 feet in length and weighed around 60 pounds. This largest piece was altered to its current shape and is known as the Dom Pedro Aquamarine that is currently housed in the Smithsonian Institute. Bernd Munsteiner was the one person who had the immense responsibility of cutting the gem into the magnificent obelisk form that we can see today. It stands at around 35cm tall and weighs a staggering 10,363 carats. It took Munsteiner four months of studying the gem to ensure which would be the best design that would incorporate all the best facets and inclusions. After the four months Munsteiner took a further six months to cut, facet and polish this gorgeous March birthstone gem. He did such a fantastic job that it looks like it is glowing from within as the light bounces and reflects through the obelisk.

Aquamarine’s Versatility

Aquamarine is easy to work with and it is favored for setting in necklaces, bracelets, rings and many other forms so you should no problem finding the right gift made from this radiant March birthstone. Many people experience a spiritual recharge when wearing this calming color. It also said to clear your thoughts so the next time you need to make an important decision, then don the color aquamarine and you should have no difficulties thinking clearly..

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