Start the New Year with a Garnet


Color Of The Garnet

The fabulous garnet is the birthstone for January. Who would have believed that this gemstone would have its name derived from a pomegranate seed? If you compare the blush of red on a pomegranate seed and the color of a garnet, one can easily see why this is. Now if red is not your color then you still have the option of choosing another color since garnets come in pink, yellow, green, orange purple as well as the earthy colors of brown, gray and black. The green garnet is especially precious since it is considered to be a gemstone that connoisseurs adore for its brilliance and beauty. These gems are also rare so should you be the lucky recipient of one, value it with your life since you will be one of only a few who have this as your January birthstone. Another variety of the garnet is commonly known as the Color change garnet. This little beauty changes color from the autumn color tones of brown, yellow and orange displayed during daylight to the sunset hues of pinkish purple under artificial lighting. There have been a few very rare garnets that have reflected tinges of blues but these are very seldom seen. So if color inspires your life and you are born in the month of January then maybe your choice of garnet should be the Color Change Garnet.

Symbolism Of The Garnet

Not only is the garnet the birthstone for January but these gems are also sometimes given as Anniversary gift for the second wedding anniversary. Since the common garnet is red and red symbolizes blood, it is believed that the garnet has the power to bring about healing, increase blood flow and was also given as a gift to symbolize affection for the receiver of the gift. Red has long since been the color of love so you are more than likely going to receive a favorable response when giving a garnet as a gift to the one you love.

Names Of Garnets

Garnets are also known by many other names such as almandine, rhodolite, pyrope, tsavorite and demantoid each linked to specific colors and can be found in various places throughout the world. The main name for garnets is pyrope and was made popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Garnet stones are also understood to be red “carbuncle stones” with the chemical composition of manganese, aluminum and silicate.

Garnets Through The Ages

Garnets have been worn throughout the ages from early Egyptians, Greeks and Romans while some even believe that Noah found use for a garnet while living in the Ark but whether this is true or not, it cannot be confirmed or denied. No matter, the garnet remains a gem of great beauty to this day.

Uses for Garnets

Since garnets are very popular one can find them set into gorgeous pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, rings and earrings shaped to compliment many style variants. A garnet truly is a sight to behold..

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