Tanzanite – Once The Underdog Now Staking Its Claim


Tanzanite Makes Its Mark

Tanzanite, otherwise known as one of the December birthstones has gained popularity over the years. What once was a substitute for Sapphire has now become an admired and popular gem in its own right. This alluring gemstone has made its mark in many pieces of fine jewellery all over the world such as the gorgeous crown the Miss South Africa beauty pageant winners donned for a period of five years. This brilliant, purple to blue gemstone has taken its rightful place as a gemstone of beauty and great worth. Discovered around 1967 and hailing from Tanzania, a small country on the East Coast of Africa, this gem was subsequently recognized and named as a December birthstone in 2002. In its early years the Tanzanite stone, while looking similar to the Sapphire, was used as a mere substitute because it was not highly valued. This all changed when it was discovered that Tanzanite was only found in one place in the world, being Tanzania. This gem also changes colour depending on the light that it is viewed in.

Uses Of Tanzanite

For people born in December, the addition of this excellent stone has created a wide variety of options when shopping for December birthstone jewels. From earrings and pendants to bracelets and rings, the versatility of this fine gem is endless. For those of you who loved the Sapphire, you are bound to love this gem just as much, if not more. It is hard to walk past a jeweler who has Tanzanite jewels on display, they are eye catching and breathtaking at the same time and are more affordable as beautiful gemstones go.

Symbolism Of Tanzanite

This gem is said to bring about a better life and was traditionally worn in pouches by the Masai people. So if you are a believer in the power of gems then the Tanzanite may just become your new best friend and the bearer of good fortune for those who wear it. For the skeptics out there this gem might not be anything more than an exquisite gift but it may lead to good fortune when given as a gift.

Value Of Tanzanite

Anyone wearing Tanzanite jewels will attract large amounts of attention since these gems are spectacular no matter the setting. They also have the ability to give the wearer a certain amount of confidence and elegance with a hint of individuality. Jewelers from around the world have found many various ways to cut and set these gems all in a bid to enhance the beauty that this stone already has.

Color Of Tanzanite

Tanzanite that is dark and vibrant blue with a hint of purple around the edges is especially sort after and fetches a high price wherever they are sold. There is something special about these gems making them desirable, intriguing and breathtaking, all at the same time. There is something fascinating and wonderful about being able to wear a gem that is not only gorgeous but unique in where it is found too so give a little beauty to the one you love..

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