Turquoise : Esteemed Stone Of The Old And New World


Turquoise, known to be one of the birthstones for December, meaning is “Turkish stone” since this beautiful stone was brought to Europe by means of the trade route that went via Turkey. Another name for the turquoise is callais which means beautiful stone in Greek. The name callais is not used very often anymore.

The Turquoise Color

Turquoise as we know it is bluish-green but for the turquoise gemstone colors may vary between Sky-blue, blue-green and apple-green. Today turquoise is not only a solid blue stone but rather has black veins, dark gray or brown colors interspersed with the blue. Pure blue color gems are very rare. Color varies depending on the metals present in the rock. For example, turquoise with blue tones is influenced by the copper agents while iron influences green tones in the stones. These stones are also sensitive to heat so care needs to be given when soldering near these gems as the blues might turn to dull green hues when temperatures of 482 degrees Fahrenheit are reached. There are also other materials that influence changes in color in this gemstone such as cosmetics, oils, perspiration, light and certain detergents. Loss of its natural water content has also been known to influence the color of this December birthstone.

Uses for Turquoise

Turquoise is a very popular stone for jewelry designers and lend themselves to gorgeous settings in silver since the color seems to be highlighted surrounded by silver or white. Rings are especially popular as well as necklaces. This gem is not like other gemstones that sparkle and glimmer but their mat or waxy luster is what gives them their own appeal. When placed in the right craftsmen’s hands, the best properties can be brought out enhancing what might be considered a dull December birthstone when the colour accents are used to perfection.

History Of Turquoise

From approximately 3000BC turquoise was used in Egypt when grave furnishings were discovered bearing inlays of turquoise. Persia is known to have been the earliest regions that produced turquoise. Thousands of years ago Native American people mined turquoise and since the Aztecs believed the stone was sacred, this stone has been used as adornments for many, many years.

Beliefs For The Turquoise

The Aztecs used turquoise in many of their most important rituals and ceremonies because they believed that these stones were sacred. For the Native American people it is believed that this stone is the stone signifying success and life. Medicine men had turquoise as part of their essential sacred bundles since it possesses healing powers. For Persian people turquoise is representative of the power of heaven and earth while it is believed that the true meaning for this stone comes from the heart and soul of the one wearing this gemstone. If you have a heart that is pure and good, you can rest in the possibility that you too might attract purity and goodness into your life as the true meaning of the turquoise presents itself.

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