The Beauty Of Nature As Seen In The May Birthstone

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When we think of nature, we automatically tend to think of greenery, lush colors and beauty but foremost are the color green, just like the green of the May birthstone being the emerald. Nature has the ability to bring about a calmness and peace so it comes as no surprise that the emerald is said to act as a sedative to a troubled mind. If you have ever just sat somewhere, surrounded by nature you will know that it just seems to have a way of restoring calm to your life and is able to get you to a place where you can truly think clearly. The emerald is also known as the goddess, Venus’ sacred stone and since she is the goddess of love, many believe that the emerald also has the ability to bond two people in love. Symbolically the May birthstone is as symbol of rebirth which ties in so beautifully with nature since nature can go from dull to amazing as rebirth occurs.

The emerald has been given the honor as the May birthstone on the modern birthstone list and you only have to take one look at an emerald to know why. This gemstone has a magnificent beauty specific to the emerald with the clear and vibrant stones being the most valuable. Emerald is the result of chromium or vanadium that gives them such magnificent color. The vibrancy of the emerald is what sets it apart from other gemstones. To the Inca’s, this stone was regarded as a holy gemstone and the Egyptians loved this gemstone so much that their mines were exhausted by the time they were rediscovered in the 19th century. Green is one color that is held in high esteem and is still popular to this day in many cultures.

This May birthstone comes from various places in the world however the most extraordinary emeralds are still mined in Columbia, Brazil today. What makes the Columbian emeralds such wonderful May birthstones is that their color is true, even the numerous inclusions cannot mare the beauty of this gem. Inclusions are generally seen as “flaws” but in the case of the emerald, these so called “flaws” are often overlooked thanks to the quality of the emeralds mined in Columbia. Columbia is also the home to rarities such as the Trapiche emeralds. These emeralds have dark colorings inside that have a spoke effect, hence the name trapiche meaning sugar mill or grinding wheel. This extraordinary appearance comes from an impurity called lutite and the way it grows within the emerald crystal. These gems are extremely rare so if you are able to find this type of May birthstone then you have truly been able to lay hands on a rarity.

Your loved one is bound to be impressed when presented with one of these lavish May birthstones and no doubt, will lavish large amount of love on you for being the bearer of such beauty. Dazzling, breathtaking and gorgeous are just a few of the words that are synonymous with this gorgeously dazzling gemstone

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