Tourmaline The Rainbow Gem


Tourmaline Group And Colors

There are a number of different varieties of crystal that make up the tourmaline group. Tourmaline is the second birthstone for the month of October. These crystals differ in color and are named as such. Achorite named from the Greek “without color” is colorless and quite rare then we have the Rubellite which is the reddish-pink variety with some exhibiting a violet hue. Dravite is yellow-brown, Verdelite are the green shades, Indigolite are the blue ones and Siberite is the lilac to violet blue. Schorl is the black stones commonly used during morning then we have the chemical tourmalines named according to their chemical composition: Buergerite – iron tourmaline, Elbaite – lithium tourmaline, Dravite – magnesium tourmaline, Schὃrl – iron tourmaline, Tsilaisite – manganese tourmaline, Uvite – magnesium tourmaline and Liddiocoatite is the calcium tourmaline.

Tourmaline Is Unique

The uniqueness of the tourmaline has brought with it many legends. One of these legends is an Egyptian one and the belief is that while travelling to the earth’s surface, these stones passed over a rainbow causing them to absorb all the colors of the rainbow in the process. It is sometimes still referred to as the rainbow gemstone. The “watermelon” tourmaline is especially beautiful and unusual in that it has a red core, an inner layer of white then an outer layer of green giving the effect of the inside of a watermelon, hence the name. These crystals also vary in color tone with the uni-colored stones being the very rare ones. This uniqueness is loved by many jewelry designers making your choice of birthstone gift for October that much easier too.

Tourmaline Discovery

The discovery of tourmaline came about when the Dutch first imported the tourmaline to Europe. It was known as the Ash-puller because the stone was heated and then used to pull ash out of their meerschaum pipes. Deposits are usually found in pegmatites and alluvial deposits. Brazil is the most important supplier of tourmaline while there are many other countries that now have also discovered tourmaline deposits such as Russia, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Zambia to mention but a few.

Spiritual And Symbolic Meanings

It is said that since the tourmaline comes in such a variety of colors, it is the gemstone that evokes joy, lightness and happiness. The specific colors enhance the qualities such as yellow represents self esteem, green for health, pink for love and blue for serenity. The black stone is said to have a protective quality since the color black symbolizes unlimited power. The pink tourmaline might be one of the important October birthstone gifts you can give your loved one as well since it has the power to heal and open the heart.

No matter how much you read into the symbolism, there is no doubt that this attractive and alluring stone has the ability to bring joy wherever it is situated. The beauty of this stone is what has made it so popular and desirable among both jewelers and buyers of these awesome gemstones.

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