Sapphire: The Magnificent Blue Gem


Contrary to popular belief, the September birthstone, sapphire, is not only a blue stone but comes in pink, colorless, orange, yellow, green, purple and black as well. Sapphires that are not blue are often referred to as being fancy. The cornflower-blue sapphire is the most common of the sapphire and the most desired of the colors as well. The coloring agents in blue sapphires are iron and titanium, in the violet stones vanadium present itself while smaller amounts of iron result in the green and yellow tones. For the pink sapphires, chrome is what produces the color while vanadium and iron produce the orange tones.  Colorless sapphires are called leuko-sapphires after the Greek word meaning white while the orange yellow variety are named Padparadschah or “Lotus flower”. Firing temperatures of between 1700-1800 degrees Celsius can change a non distinct, cloudy sapphire into a bright blue color. Under certain light, particularly artificial light, the blue sapphire may take on a black-blue or ink-colored appearance. The sapphire is also known to be the September birthstone.

Qualities of Sapphire

The sapphire is without a doubt a gorgeous gemstone with a transparency and clarity all of its own. Not only is it a magnificent gemstone but it is durable with a Mohrs rating of 9 for hardness. The sapphire belongs to the corundum group and the sapphire was only recognized to be part of this group around 1800. Clarity and constancy are two other qualities that the sapphires possess and it is no wonder that those born in September love this gem as their birthstone. The last great quality of the sapphire is that no extra special care needs to be taken with them from the part of the wearer thanks to its hardness.

Famous Sapphires

There is a long list of absolutely amazing sapphires that have been set into various crowns, necklaces and rings. Princess Diana’s engagement ring consisted of a majestic Ceylon Sapphire cut in an oval shape weighing 12-carats. This beautiful gem was further highlighted by 14 solitaire diamonds enhancing what is a truly gorgeous stone. Another dazzling piece has to be the Hall sapphire and diamond necklace with a total of 195 carats. The necklace consists of 36 sapphires that have been matched and cushion cut to display its opulence and splendor.

Symbolism Of The Sapphire

The blue sapphire is representative of commitment, love and fidelity as well as being stones of attachment. Some women, in particular will wear a lighter shade sapphire as a symbol of honest and wise leadership. If you find yourself total wound up then maybe wearing a sapphire will help since it is known to have calming properties and is said to help focus the mind. This September birthstone is very pleasing to the eye and is one of the very popular stones on the birthstone list. Whether you wear it for symbolic purposes or simply for its beauty, it is sure to bring the wearer lots of peace and happiness in any case.

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