Gemstones That Set The Eyes A Twinkling


Color Of The Emerald

There is no doubt that gemstones are gorgeous and adorning yourself with them will definitely get heads turning. Birthstones have been around through the ages with each month displaying a handsome array of stones to choose from. The emerald is just one of these gemstones and is associated with the month of May on the modern birthstone list. This stone has a vivid and intense green color and is adjudged to be a holy stone by the Aztecs and Incas of South America. To have one of these top quality intense green gems adorning your neck, ears or wrist are bound to set the heads turning. The color of these gems has an intensity seldom match by any gem and some of the higher quality emeralds have even been known to be more valuable than some diamonds. Whether you belong to royalty or own emeralds because they are the birthstone that belongs to the month of May, emeralds are vibrant and immensely attractive certain to make you feel like a princess whenever you wear them.

The Lure Of Gems

Anything that sparkles in the form of a jewel is most certainly going to get a reaction from anyone of the female species. Women seemed to be wired to be attracted to anything that sparkles and is beautiful. I guess it stems from nature where the prettiest, colorful and most elaborate displays are what attract the female. You only need to look at birds to see how true this statement is. Male birds know exactly what attracts the female and use it to their full advantage. Everywhere you look there are adverts showing new and improved products to help you look younger, more radiant and fashion is all about looking great. The underlying message is that the more beautiful you are, the more attention you will get. In the animal kingdom it is all about the male and how he can attract a female while amongst human kind it is all about the female being the one to attract a male. It is for this reason that women are fascinated with jewels and all they symbolize.

Home Of The Emerald

Columbia is still home to some of the best emerald mines today while receiving stiff competition from its neighbor, Brazil. Brazil is renowned for their rare and magnificent cat eye emeralds. If you are born in May then you are sure to place the May birthstone, being the emerald, in high esteem. According to the history books, emeralds were discovered as far back as 3000 BC in Egypt and these gems must have often adorned the likes of Cleopatra.

The Search For The Emerald

Since nature is filled with greenery, many hold this gem in high esteem for their own love of nature and it is a gemstone set to put the twinkle in your eye.  Spaniards searched high and low for the prized emeralds that Aztecs and Incas held in such high regard and for this reason, treasure hunters spent years searching for these Spanish galleons in the hopes of finding some of these prized emeralds..

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